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What Workflow is Followed by VAPT Services?

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon May 27, 2022

In Brief:

What are VAPT Services?

The VAPT services are cybersecurity services that provide a two-fold security application for your IT infrastructure. The first part, Vulnerability Assessment involves analyzing the security weaknesses present in your network and systems. The second part, the Penetration Testing process exploits the security loopholes to assess the strength of the infrastructure to withstand the potential threats.

Workflow of VAPT Services

VAPT is carried out in two parts, Vulnerability Assessment, and Penetration Testing. Workflows for both are quite similar but take place distinctively.

VAPT Workflow

Let us have a close look…

Vulnerability Assessment is the method used by VAPT services providers to examine the key information assets of your infrastructure. The typical workflow for this goes like this:

  1. Scope and Objective: Here the VAPT services work closely with the client to determine the goals, scopes, timeline, and budget of the process. It is carried out through predefined forms or face-to-face meetings.
  2. Information Gathering: In this phase, the testing team will gather all the useful information about the infrastructure, system, application, network, and the concerned staff. This help to make a suitable test strategy.
  3. Vulnerability Detection: A detailed analysis of the information gathered using different tools and techniques. It highlights the weak points in the system that might be exploited for making an attack successful.
  4. Reporting: This step involves handing over a detailed report to the client that features all the vulnerabilities of the infrastructure and the suggestions to mitigate them.

Workflow for Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is the way of ethically hacking your own network to check the strength of your security systems. The following is the workflow for Penetration Testing:

  1. Planning and Preparation: Like the Vulnerability Assessment, this stage involves defining the goals and scope of the process to follow. The VAPT expert and the client both sit together to create the plan for the Penetration Test.
  2. Analysis of the Information: All the available and collected information about the network infrastructure and the IT systems is analysed thoroughly. The information collection is performed through both manual and automated tools. A model of the simulated attack is created based on this analysis.
  3. Vulnerability Detection: Based on the information analysis, the key areas to target are determined in this phase. Both manual and automated testing techniques are used to create a list of vulnerabilities to target.
  4. Exploitation: The vulnerability of the system is tested against simulated attacks. The security protocols are tested by tearing through the security layers and getting access to the systems. The process tests the strength of the entire security systems.
  5. Reporting: A detailed report containing a summary of the test and the list of vulnerabilities that can be exploited is finally presented to the client by the VAPT expert. This tells them the present situation of their security systems and recommends the ways to fortify them.

When to Appoint VAPT Services?

Security must not be an option for your business. It should be your prime choice and responsibility. You must avail the VAPT services for your organization to test the strength of your security systems before you become another victim in the files of cybercrime.

Conditions to conduct Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing:

  • When a new IT system goes under design and development
  • After upgradations of any kind in your organization’s IT systems or concerning applications
  • Include in the organizational due diligence
  • For regular compliance reporting that includes PCI-DSS and ISO 27001
  • To test the intrusion detection and response capabilities

Deliverables to expect from VAPT Services:

  • Identification of risk areas to be addressed
  • A list of all the vulnerabilities and risks factors associated with them
  • Forecasting of potential attack vectors
  • Recommendations for improving the security policies and procedures
  • Action plan for remediation and re-design of the weak infrastructure

Benefits of VAPT Services

Following are the key benefits of VAPT Services:

  1. Better Risk Management: The VAPT services provide security standards to an organization to manage and deal with the risks.
  2. Helps Business Continuity: Security is the biggest concern in maintaining the continuity of any business. Although there are numerous factors that might contribute to the business failure. But security tops the list. VAPT services can eliminate this issue quite effectively.
  3. Eliminates Potential Cyberattacks: We have established that VAPT scans and remediates all the vulnerabilities in your infrastructure. This reduces the possibility of cyberattacks on your business to the minimum.
  4. Safety of Organization and Associates: A security breach can cause damage not only to your business but to the clients, associates, and third parties related to it. VAPT services help to prevent such incidents.

What Kind of VAPT Services provider to choose?

The market is full of options. You need to make an informed decision while choosing a VAPT expert to entrust your business security.

The following are a few features you must look for while choosing a VAPT Service:

  • Hybrid testing approach instead of a single test procedure
  • Must provide a broader picture of hazards faced by different applications, networks, or systems
  • Prevention of malicious attacks in the future
  • Availability of a wide variety of security solutions for your applications and IT Systems
  • A cost-effective process and system re-evaluation for risk assessment during the development phase

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Before You Go!

  • VAPT Services provide extreme support to fortify the cyber security measures of your organization.
  • These services have a standard workflow for both Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing.
  • You must always choose an expert VAPT Service to avoid any lapses in this vital process.


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