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About Mobile Application Security

Mobile applications are the magnum work in the software business. As the number of smart devices grows, it results in an increase in the number of mobile applications. While advances in mobile device technology have made many jobs faster and simpler, there is no doubt that the security of these problem-solving applications is a difficult challenge.

Organizations have begun investing in mobile application penetration testing due to the rising complexity of cyber-attacks and the million-dollar rewards given for defects in mobile apps.

Protecting your most valuable assets “mobile applications” has now become a major concern for many digitally functioning businesses.

How will we Perform Mobile Application Testing?
  • Kick-off
  • Manual & Automated Research
  • Manual Test
  • Test Report
  • Remediations

Your Personal cyber excellence centre

Hackers are always on their quest to steal your information. You need experts to beat the cyber criminal's mindset. We at RSK cyber security help businesses with our expertise tailored with the following:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Black Box Experts
  • Red Teaming
  • Decreasing Threat Perception
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration Planners
  • Breach Remediation
  • Secure Networking
  • Data Protection
  • Ransomware Protection

Benefits for Mobile Application Security

Prevention from Future Attacks

Mobile penetration testing if done rightly with the sophisticated tools and correct approach can help your business anticipate behaviors and patterns to suspect the unusual. This also aids in uncovering the flaws existing in the code. In terms of prevention from potential cyber-attacks, a pen test would provide you with an advisory report to patch the weaknesses.

Reduced security concerns

The right security centre would execute the mobile penetration testing in a way that would ensure that no risks should arise. Moreover, it is advisable to keep the operational requirements unchanged without affecting the security. This further helps in conducting the security-first approach in a more feasible manner. Added to this, frequent pen testing in the infrastructure reduces severe security concerns.

Discover Critical Vulnerabilities

With the use of the right methodologies of pen testing, you can inspect unknown/known and critical vulnerabilities. Mobile application penetration testing would reveal the extent to which the entire infrastructure can get exploited by a hacker. Once critical loopholes are available, with the help of mitigation reports and remediation steps you can shield your digital assets.

Related Services

API Pen Testing

Your data is the most indispensable asset your company possesses. Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are the gateway for a hacker or data breacher.

When an error occurs in an API, it impacts all applications that rely on that API. This is why API security testing is so critical for your business. The most crucial factor to consider is real data loss or destruction, which may generate a slew of issues for your firm. Data recovery is a costly and error-prone operation that will cost you more than just time and money.
An untested API might result in:

  • Unauthorized Access
  • Data leakage
  • Sanctioning Fuzzy input
  • Injection Vulnerabilities

Challenges without API Security Testing?

APIs allow apps to share data with one another. A hacker who breaks API security might gain access to sensitive data stored on your website.

Customer Data Loss

Website Defacement

Revenue decline


Data Tempering

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