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Thick Client Security

Due to the rise in the use of hybrid infrastructure architecture, thick-client applications have become the key target for hackers.

Thick clients can work offline and away from the office, as they usually have the required hardware and software to function independently without requiring connection to the main server.

Action Module:
  • Information Gathering
  • Network Side Attacks
  • Client Side Attacks
  • Server Side Attacks

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Hackers are always on their quest to steal your information. You need experts to beat the cyber criminal's mindset. We at RSK cyber security help businesses with our expertise tailored with the following:

  • Ethical Hacking
  • Black Box Experts
  • Red Teaming
  • Decreasing Threat Perception
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Cloud Migration Planners
  • Breach Remediation
  • Secure Networking
  • Data Protection
  • Ransomware Protection

Benefits for Thick Client Security

Secured Capacity

The testing for the thick client would aid in secured server capacity. This means the server can securely benefit more clients as there would be fewer requirements to provide to every single client.


The testing along with the remediation steps leads to larger levels of flexibility as most of the resources are accessible to the client This means that the resources must be capable of working from anywhere. This would only require a sustainable temporary connection to the main server for updates and installations.

Better Performance

Once the testing for the thick client is done, the remediation steps enhance the performance which makes the servers work efficiently in the poor environment. This means working fine even in offline situations, with limited storage, or slow network speeds.

Related Services

OT & IOT Solutions

Low latency

Response times in production networks are measured in milliseconds and must be met. It is critical that devices be plug-and-play compliant so that they may be changed easily and without the need for specialized knowledge. These networks are intended to enable activities that need near-real-time access to constantly changing data.

Ensure optimum availability

Constant availability is a primary requirement for production networks, which necessitates the provision of adequate redundancy methods. To ensure the safety of people and equipment, safety elements that allow for an emergency stop are required. Connections on the shop floor may be formed flexibly. Protocols such as PROFINET, PROFIBUS, etc helps in doing so.

Complex Environment Usability

OT must perform in tough settings, necessitating the use of rugged equipment intended for extreme environmental conditions, with a wide temperature range, available in various IP protection classes (splash- and dustproof), and specific certifications (shock & vibration resistance, electromagnetic compatibility, device assembly and design). This contains toughened procedures as well (IRT, iPRP).

Multilevel protection concept

According to the defence-in-depth paradigm, manufacturing plant protection consists of three defensive levels: system integrity, plant security, and network security. The emphasis here is on availability and integrity. Response times are critical, and data must always be received. In the worst-case scenario, data loss or inaccurate data might halt production.

Security for the Internet of Things (IoT)

With continuous digitalization and the dependability of the modern lifestyle in cyberspace, we tend to rely on Internet of Things (IoT) devices for simplification of deployment and administration, user comfort, and creativity. Cybersecurity is essentially something that needs management using inventive and technical techniques to safeguard organizational infrastructure and commercial applications.

Embedded Security

Integrate cryptographic functionality into an existing ECU by inserting a secure element (Electronic Control Unit). We deliver smart cards that ensure identification and regulate access and make you more efficient in your company and contacts with customers and citizens with our leading solutions. This service will provide easy and streamlined communication.

Secure communication

Secured identity management is crucial to the security of the digital environment. Rsk Cybersecurity delivers a secure, compliant, and scalable solution to meet these new problems with its IoT Security Server, which secures connected objects, their connections, and the data transfer. We assist your company with its digital transformation, allowing you to focus on building your IoT business.

Lifecycle Management of Device Identity

Electronic certificates enable programmes to implement security services such as user authentication, transaction non-repudiation, and data exchange secrecy.
Metapki maintains data security by requiring strong authentication for access to all metapki functional entities, documenting all actions, encrypting important information, and protecting private and public keys with Hardware Security Modules (HSM).

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