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Apply These 7 Secret Techniques To Improve VAPT services

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon March 18, 2022

In Brief:

Why do You Need to Improve VAPT Services?

There is a need to improve VAPT services for making the threat assessment of your online infrastructure more efficient & effective. This will ensure security for your digital assets in the online environment.


of web pages encounter injection attacks (SQL or XSS injection)


of enterprises are planning to increase their investment in cyber security


of servers have Access Control Vulnerabilities


of network servers are missing end-point security

Secret Techniques to Improve VAPT Services

Today, our cyber security is subjected to more sophisticated threats than ever before. Improving the VAPT services for better testing and remediation is the only way out.
Following are the secret techniques you can apply to improve VAPT Services:
1. Enclosing all Aspects of VAPT
VAPT testing is a more comprehensive process than it may appear to be. It entails a lot of distinct aspects of cyber security measures. If you take a comprehensive approach to improving your VAPT service, you need to cover all these aspects:

  • Physical Penetration Testing: Breaking through the physical security aspects such as cameras, sensors, and other such barriers.
  • Device Penetration Testing: Accessing the vulnerabilities of hardware and software. These include deficiencies in configuration, insecure protocols, and weak passwords.
  • Network Penetration Testing: Running attack simulations on the network infrastructure to assess the security measures. This helps to discover network and system vulnerabilities.
  • Application Penetration Testing: Testing application security in terms of data and information handling. Also, checks the application for malicious scripts and fake requests.

2. Covering all the Checkpoints
The purpose of the vulnerability assessment and pen testing is to get rid of all weaknesses in the cyberinfrastructure. Therefore, an improved penetration testing service shall patrol for scanning vulnerabilities in:

  • Network security
  • Cloud security
  • Application security
  • Data Security
  • Endpoint Security
  • Identity Management
  • Infrastructure Security

3. Fortify Your Security Controls and Monitoring
The critical infrastructure of businesses is always under continuous threat. Industries such as finance, healthcare, and defence deal with sensitive data. Here, the lack of proper security controls may result in an open invitation for the hackers.

Also, constant upgrading of monitoring techniques is important. This makes your business secure from perpetrators. Otherwise, they will easily aim the vulnerable points in your network.

4. Looking After the Sensitive Data
Cybercriminals are always looking to attack valuable and sensitive data. So, it is important to protect the data storage and transition from any malicious activities. To improve the VAPT services, you must coat the data with additional security.

Putting extra security layers on your database might put an extra burden on the financial aspects. It becomes slightly crucial to create a balance between data security and the budget.

5. Sticking With the Conventional Flow of the Process
Improvement must be there in the VAPT services. But try to maintain the flow of the process undisturbed.

The Processing of VAPT services goes like this:

  • Information Gathering
  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Information Analysis and Planning
  • Penetration Testing
  • Privilege Escalation
  • Result Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Clean Up
  • Remediation

The VAPT process flows in this chronology. Missing, skipping, or messing up at any stage can degrade the output of the service.

6. Deploying Data Loss Prevention
We covered the aspect of protecting sensitive data already. But Data Loss Prevention is a different point. Hence, you must never mix these two things up.

Data loss during a cyber-attack is a genuine threat. The VAPT services must implement secure DLP strategies to negate this threat.

7. Include Manual Penetration Testing
One thing that most VAPT testing services lack is Manual Penetration Testing. The absolute reliance on the pre-coded tools and techniques is bound to leave security gaps. You need to fill them up with specified manual tests.

This is important to mitigate unidentified threats and vulnerabilities. Furthermore, the credibility of the VAPT services increases if there is the direct involvement of the experts.

Choosing the Right VAPT Service

VAPT is an expensive process that also requires highly skilled personnel to carry out the job. Henceforth, you need to choose the service providers wisely.
You are practically entrusting that service provider with your information security. Therefore, you must look out for:

  • Experienced and reliable VAPT service
  • Trained Testing Personnel/Engineers
  • Pricing and budget factor
  • Detailed Blueprint of the Assessment

If you are in Dubai, then it won’t be a tough task to find an expert VAPT service provider. You can contact RSK Cyber Security for an expert consultation. They will perform a thorough investigation of the current situation of your cyber security and suggest the best possible changes.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert VAPT Service Provider

There is always a difference between the deliverable of an expert and an amateur. When you hire an expert such as RSK Cyber Security for VAPT services; you subscribe yourself for the following benefits:

  • Improved Security Posture
  • Better Compliance Assessment
  • Enhanced Information Security
  • Meeting Compliance Requirements
  • Better and More Efficient Results
  • Cost Efficiency

Before You Go!

  • Every improved technique you add to your VAPT protocol, takes your service one step closer to perfection.
  • Consulting an industry expert every now and then will help you to accommodate more such steps within your VAPT services.


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