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What Industry-Specific Considerations Exist for Cloud Penetration Testing in Healthcare?

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon July 28, 2023

In Brief:

Importance of Security Testing for Healthcare Services

Security testing is vital for healthcare services simply because of the critical nature of the data they handle. Businesses associated with the healthcare sector operate with pertinent information of thousands of patients. The potential consequences of a hack or breach can be catastrophic. Therefore, it is important to ensure strong security measures to guard patient confidentiality and trust. It is only possible by preventing unauthorized access, data theft, and cyberattacks. Healthcare systems are obvious targets for hackers not only because they manage sensitive personal data and valuable medical records. It is also because most of them are still using outdated equipment, software, and technology. A thorough security audit finds weaknesses, strengthens cyber defenses, and reduces risks, assuring compliance with data protection laws. Healthcare services may guarantee the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of patient data by placing a high priority on security testing. This eventually protects the privacy of patients and the reputation of healthcare service providers.


of cloud security incidents occur due to server security misconfigurations.


zero-day vulnerabilities in cloud platforms appeared only in 2022.


of cybersecurity experts say that incidents have increased due to remote working.


of organizations have automated most of their security testing process.

Cloud Penetration Testing in Healthcare: Industry-Specific Considerations

Cloud pen testing in the healthcare industry requires specific considerations due to the sensitive and regulated nature of healthcare data. Some industry-specific considerations are:

1. Compliance Requirements:

Healthcare service providers need to abide by stringent rules like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Regular pen testing prevents any legal and financial repercussions that might arise for not complying with these rules. 

2. Protected Health Information (PHI):

Cloud platforms of healthcare organizations store huge volumes of PHI (personal health information). To prevent unintentional exposure or unauthorized access to this sensitive data, penetration testing is strictly important.

3. Patient Safety:

The protection of patients’ critical health data and privacy is also the responsibility of healthcare services. Additionally, it is also important to choose the timing of penetration testing wisely. You need to plan the test to limit interference with vital healthcare systems and provide ongoing patient care.

4. Third-Party Vendors:

Many healthcare institutions make use of external cloud service providers. It is crucial to check the security of these external services and run penetration tests on their user interfaces.

5. Medical Devices Integration:

Medical gadgets like patient monitoring systems and cloud-based healthcare services frequently integrate and interact with each other. To avoid potential exploitation, cloud penetration testing should evaluate vulnerabilities resulting from these integrations.

6. Data Interoperability:

Data sharing between healthcare systems and other systems is a common proposition. Therefore, you must evaluate data exchanges carefully through penetration tests to ensure secure interoperability.

7. Business Associate Agreements (BAAs):

There should be signed BAAs between cloud service providers and healthcare providers. The conditions stated in these agreements should be adhered to during penetration testing.

8. Incident Response Preparedness:

There are always chances of attacks and breaches even after penetration testing. Therefore, healthcare organizations must have a well-established incident response plan.

9. Data Residency and Sovereignty:

Healthcare data may be governed by regionally unique data residency and sovereignty legislation. Following these rules during cloud penetration testing is an important consideration.

10. Data Encryption:

For healthcare clouds, data encryption is essential. The effectiveness of the currently used encryption techniques should be evaluated, along with any potential flaws.

By addressing these critical considerations, you can make sure that healthcare organizations can conduct effective and secure cloud pen testing.

Making errors while executing penetration testing on cloud platforms is common as the procedure is tricky. Ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of patient data and systems requires precision. You can’t expect the necessary level of expertise and experience within a healthcare institution. So, it is recommended to engage experts for comprehensive and thorough pen testing on the cloud of a healthcare company.

Before You Go!

  • Healthcare institutions stand responsible for safeguarding the crucial information of the patients associated with them.
  • With increasing dependency on cloud storage platforms, it has become important to conduct cloud pentesting adhering to the best practices.
  • Also, it is not a one-time thing. You need to address cloud security at healthcare organizations at regular intervals.
  • There are various cyber security services that you can get assistance from for performing pen testing on the healthcare cloud systems.


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