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Which has Better Scope: Embedded Systems or Cyber Security?

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon June 24, 2022

In Brief:

So, let’s begin.

Defining Cyber Security and Embedded Cyber Security

Embedded cyber security is the set of tools, techniques, and practices that safeguard all the embedded systems from malicious activities. This helps in the seamless functioning of the operational technologies you use to make your life easier.

Cyber Security, on the other hand, is the universal roof. This roof covers all the security protocols applicable to IT systems and networks including Embedded systems Security.

$ 116.2

billion of growth is expected in embedded systems market


of CAGR growth is expected by 2025


Trillium of contributions is expected in the global economy by 5G market, directly linking to embedded devices


growth due to adoption in automotive sector is expected by 2026

Diving a bit deeper

So, as of now, we know the basic introduction of cyber security and embedded systems security. To find out which one of them has more potential, we need to explore more about them. The following sections would certainly help.

About Cyber Security

It is the set of activities that take care of your IT systems’ security and network infrastructure. It involves practices for keeping away potential threats from your online assets. Not only to prevent cyber threats from invading your system, but Cyber Security also comes in handy to combat them.

In simple words, cyber security is a set of protective measures to protect your cyber infrastructure against invasions. There are tools and techniques that we deploy to counter the evolving threats. Also, a continuous up gradation is required to keep the strength of the protective in check.

About Embedded Cyber Security

Embedded systems are now gradually becoming a part of our daily lives. Smart attendance systems in offices, AI features in your car and the responses of the smart lights and refrigerator. All these are examples of embedded systems. And Embedded Cyber Security is the methodology to safeguard these systems and associated devices from all kinds of malicious activities.

Here’s an Ultimate guide to Embedded Cyber Security

The combined contribution of the vulnerability of embedded systems and the rising cyber-attacks have made it necessary. The physical security of these devices reduces the problem to an extent. But it does not eliminate the threats completely. Hence, cyber security measures in embedded systems  are necessary.

Similarities: Embedded Cyber Security and Cyber Security

  • The prime focus of both methodologies is protection against malicious activities that occur online.
  • Both cyber security and embedded cyber security require a set of processes to be effective.
  • However, there are some peculiar challenges that we face in embedded systems security (due to integrated hardware). But most of the security challenges are similar.
  • Cyber security embedded systems and cyber security, in general, are helpful in meeting the security compliance for your business.
  • A breakdown among any one of them can disrupt your daily business activities.

How are Cyber Security and Embedded Cyber Security Different?

Both these terminologies themselves represent the fundamental difference between them. Embedded cyber security looks after the protection of the embedded systems and all the related devices. On the other hand, Cyber Security is the holistic methodology to safeguard all your digital assets and network from all kinds of attacks and malicious activities.

However, there are several other differences between them. Let us have a closer look:

Different threats and attack vectors

Cyber Security:

  • Password Guessing Attacks
  • DDoS Attack
  • Malware Attacks (Keyloggers, Ransomware, and Spyware)
  • Phishing Attacks
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attack

Embedded Cyber Security:

  • Improper Input Validation
  • Vulnerabilities in the host system
  • Physically connecting a device with a malicious code
  • Improper Authentication
  • Improper operations resistance

Different Changes Faced

Security of critical assets and information is always challenging. Hence, it is obvious that cyber security and embedded cyber security come with challenges. For cyber security, in general, the rising attack vectors themselves are the challenges to combat.

According to the recent trends, the major challenges for cyber security are:


The embedded systems security, on the other hand, has a few different challenges other than the attack vectors to face. The following are those challenges:

  1. Lack of Development Expertise: Most of the development tasks for embedded systems are done by the developers who are not specifically trained for it. This often leaves security gaps in the basic layer of the embedded system devices.
  2. Lack of Standardization: We don’t have any standard measures or practices for cyber security embedded systems. Hence, it becomes a great challenge to maintain regularity among these security functions.
  3. Use of third-party components: The devices running on the embedded systems require third-party components for successful operation. The lapses during the assembly and integration of these components might lead to security gaps.

Which has a better scope for your business?

Most businesses nowadays are reliant on embedded systems for a lot of critical operations. Hence, there is a good scope for embedded cyber security in the business. It can monitor network action and effectively blog the attacks executed against these systems. It is still an infant in the security domain, but with great growth prospects.

Moreover, Cyber Security is an evergreen platform. It can secure the whole IT infrastructure of a business. Every attack vector along with secure data transactions is covered in cyber security. Eventually, providing a great scope as well.

Before you go!

  • Cyber Security and Embedded Cyber Security are not the two things that you can decide between. Both have great scope as per their applications. Cyber Security for a holistic security approach and Embedded for specialized protection.
  • All you need to keep in mind is that always choose an expert for any of these services. RSK Cyber Security helps you to get the best from both domains.


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