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Vulnerability Assessments Penetration Testing

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon February 18, 2022

In Brief

The average cost was $1.07M higher in breaches where remote work was a significant factor in causing the breach, compared to those where remote work was not a factor.
This clearly depicts the increase in business risks and higher levels of uncertainty.
The landscape is changing drastically and getting more complex each day.

Now, the important question to think about is:

How can an organisation shield its business activities and critical assets?

The answer is: VAPT (Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
Individually both of these security services identify the vulnerabilities and serve
different but complementary goals.

Let us know a bit more about them:

What is a Vulnerability Assessment (VA)?

Vulnerability Assessment is a quick automated check of internal devices within the network for any vulnerabilities or configuration issues. This assessment also provides the support needed to mitigate the risks recognized.

What is Penetration Testing (PT)?

In simple words, it is a multi-layer mock attack carried out by an ethical hacker to test the security controls in systems, applications & infrastructures. This test helps to identify what sensitive information an attacker will be able to access seamlessly. The report fetched will also provide remedies to address the vulnerabilities.

There are a few types of penetration testing:

Internal/external infrastructure testing
This assessment is carried within the organisation’s network or on cloud network infrastructure. (Internal or External PenTest)

Web application testing
This assessment is carried out on the website and web applications to identify design, development and coding flaws.

Wireless network testing
This assessment is carried out on an organisation’s WLAN (wireless local area network) as well as on wireless protocols like Bluetooth etc. It helps to identify shortcomings in WPA vulnerabilities and encryption.

Mobile application testing
This assessment is carried out on mobile applications to identify data leakage, authentication, session handling issue and authorization.

Build and configuration review testing
This assessment is carried across web and app routers, servers, and firewalls to identify build and configuration vulnerabilities.

Why does your organisation need VAPT?

Regardless of your organisation’s size, vulnerabilities exist at all levels of a computing system. With evolving tools and techniques, attackers are getting a better environment to penetrate your IT infrastructure.
It is more important now than ever to keep a tab on your organisation’s cyber security.
Whether it is an SME or MNC, addressing security loopholes in your IT infrastructure should be on the top of your list.
Performing VAPT shows a clear picture of the security shortcomings and gives proper guidance to address them efficiently.


How to define the scope for VAPT?

The scope for the audit depends upon a lot of factors like company specifics, costs, industry, and compliance standards. However, the following are a few guidelines you should consider:

All devices with an IP address should be considered for VAPT activities.
Vulnerability Assessment should focus on the organization’s internal infrastructure including firewalls, servers, routers, databases, switches, laptops, devices etc.
Penetration Testing should focus on the organisation’s external pointers like offices, people, IP addresses etc

What are the deliverables from a VAPT?

Post VAPT, you will be provided with:

Executive Report

An overview of the current security, risks identified ratings and the high priority action items.

Technical Report

A comprehensive report explaining the detailed analysis of

  • all the issues
  • step-by-step POCs for each issue
  • configuration and code examples to fix the issue.
Debriefing Session:

To understand your requirements and furnish appropriate details, we schedule a debrief call with our astute cyber security consultants. This session involves your scope drafting, assessment Q&A and remediation plans. Even if you require assistance later in the process, we’d be happy to help!


The goal of remediation is to remove threats that can be eliminated.

Following are a few steps that should be performed for the same:

  • Deeply understanding how to patch the existing system
  • Having authentic plug-ins to your IDE’s for enhanced security.
  • Creating a prioritized logging and monitoring system
  • Involve your team and train them in security remediation practices

What are the compliance standards for VAPT?

VAPTs helps to address the security obligations that are authorized by industry standards and regulations such as FTC Safeguards Rule, PCI, HIPAA, FISMA, NIST SP 800-171, and ISO 27001.

Some other well-known standards are given below:


Sarbans-Oxley Act


Telecom Regulatory Authority of India


Department of Telecommunication


Cyber Emergency Response Team of India


The Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act

SAS 70 –

Statement on Auditing Standards


Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology

When does your organisation need VAPT?

VAPT analysis provides a stronger ecosystem for organisations to carry on their business activities with ease.
It should be performed whenever there are any new internal change cycles or compliance and regulatory requirements.
Some organizations perform the activity once in a year while some prefer to do it on a daily or monthly basis.

How to choose the right VAPT provider?

The most important point to consider while choosing your VAPT provider is their expertise to not only detect the vulnerabilities but rapidly provide actionable remedies for them.
It’s better to get engaged with an award-winning security company early on.
As an accredited cyber security services provider, you can surely count on us to provide actionable outcomes and complete post-test care needed to amp up your organisation’s cyber security.


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