The Top Cyber Attacks of September 2022

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon October 7, 2022

In Brief:

Why is cybercrime increasing even with cybersecurity in place?

Undoubtedly, we have come a long way in terms of security measures and protocols to keep our IT infrastructure safe from prevailing threats. But we can’t stop the threats from evolving. Attackers have devised more sophisticated modes of attacks to exploit any hidden vulnerability within your systems or networks. The technological advancements that were meant to help businesses with their key operations are misused by hackers. They use the same to initiate attacks on your cyberinfrastructure that are complicated and complex to identify and mitigate. Another reason for an increase in success rates of cyberattacks is the lack of security awareness among the staff.


is the global increase in the number of cyberattacks registered halfway through the year 2022.


of company networks are penetrable even in 2022 with all the in-house security in place.


of security executives say that the budget allocated to them is not enough to ensure adequate security.


of security professionals think that their security is not keeping up with the digital transformation.

Top Attacks in September 2022

While talking about the attacks in September, we must keep in mind that this whole year has been about unprecedented cyber incidents. Be it the attacks on essential services including the healthcare and medical sector or the attack on Lincoln College in the US that forced the gates of the premier institution to close after 157 years. All these incidents are a reason to worry for Cyber Security Services Dubai and all the other parts of the world. Let us have a close look at the most highlighted cyberattacks of September 2022 i.e., the last month…

The GTA 6 Spoiler

GTA (Grand Theft Auto) is a game franchise owned by Rockstar Games. The wildly anticipated release of the latest version of the game, GTA6 was spoiled due to a malicious attack. A hacker named ‘teapotuberhacker’ breached Rockstar Game’s internal slack channel. The attacker stole and published pertinent information about the game online. This information included 90 videos of the unfinished gameplay. Hacker also got his hands on the source codes for GTA6 and GTA5. Although the leak won’t stop the game from breaking the sales record when it is released. But it certainly has compromised the reputation of Rockstar Games. These high-profile hacks run as news for a long time, and they impart heavy damage to the company’s image.

Uber was Taken for a Wild Ride

The ‘teapotuberhacker’, the same 17-year-old hacker who breached Rockstar games was responsible for the high-rated hack on Uber. On September 14, the attacker left the world in shock when he hacked the top international ride-share company Uber. The penetration was even deeper than Rockstar. The teapotuberhacker was almost in complete control of the company’s data, information, and operational details. The Hacker got full access to the email systems, internal communications, cloud storage, and code repositories. Attack was initiated through social engineering where the hacker impersonated an IT employee to steal passwords. Later, he got into the Uber Slack channel and, ultimately, the overall system. Reports say that the hack has caused heavy internal damage. The hacker was found to be associated with the notorious Lapsus$ cybercrime gang. He was arrested by London police in late September and charged with direct involvement in these crimes.

IHG Hotels Became a Victim Just for Fun

There is a financial motivation behind most cybercrimes. However, some do it in the form of a protest, social activity, or even for corporate and political espionage. But the most amazing thing is that some hackers breach their victims’ networks and systems just for fun. The most recent example of such an incident occurred last month. A hacker couple from Vietnam known as TeaPea breached the database of InterContinental Hotels (IHG). It began as an attempted ransomware attack. But after being repeatedly foiled by the IHG’s security team, hackers switched to their alternative plan. They deleted a large swath of internal data from the Hotel’s servers. The attack was made quite easier by the hysterically simple password for the database i.e., Qwerty1234. The booking systems of the hotel went offline.

Before You Go!

  • As you can see, none of these attacks imparted a huge financial loss to the victims. But certainly, did harm the reputation of the company. Cyber Security Services Dubai and all over the world have the challenge to overcome in terms of safeguarding businesses from such attacks.
  • Along with the evolving threats, you need to keep your Cyber Security Solutions updated if you want to avoid such incidents.
  • You can get in touch with RSK Cyber Security for more information on the subject or to get a security audit. It is the best among all Cyber Security Companies in Dubai.


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