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The Importance of DevSecOps in Modern Software Development

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon January 11, 2023

In Brief

What is DevSecOps?

DevSecOps is the amalgamation of three different terms: Dev- Development, Sec- Security, and Ops-Operations. It is all about the integration of security protocols into the already popular and widely used DevOps methodology for developing software projects. DevSecOps emphasize the adoption of security from the beginning of a software or application development lifecycle. This helps speed up iterations and assists in developing high-quality products without compliance issues. Earlier, security measures like testing were introduced into the development cycle after the design and development phase. This used to extend the process and drained the development teams of time and resources. DevSecOps effectively increase the efficiency of the development teams through Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines.


is the anticipated growth rate of the global DevSecOps market through the year 2023.


of respondents in a survey said that DevSecOps is the best for security, quality, or resilience.


of security personnel have adopted the shift-left security approach indoctrinated by DevSecOps methodology.


of respondents who are trying to automate security and compliance operations can take help from the core DevSecOps principles.

How Does DevSecOps Solutions Help Modern Software Development?

Software development projects have become more complex these days. Just deploying them ahead of schedule is not enough. You need to take care of a lot of important aspects including security for the project to be successful. Without proper security, even the most technically advanced projects would not sustain. There is always room left for security loopholes to make their place in most other project development strategies that include security at the end.

The following are the five ways DevSecOps is essential for every Development Project:

1.Provides a standard for implementing Application Security

Earlier, security used to be a separately implemented process after the development phase. This isolation of development and security worked well for a time because the code bases were a lot simpler in comparison to present application codes. Putting security at the end of the development cycle was only natural as every application was part of a great monolithic architecture. These applications took a long time from design and development to final deployment.

However, the present scenario of software development is vastly different from the older one. Here you need to make a tight grip on security right from the beginning. Otherwise, it will be too late to make changes at the end. The right DevSecOps consulting can help you with this.

2. DevSecOps gives you high visibility for security threats

Development teams are required to share the responsibility of securing an application. Threat identification is one of the major aspects of ensuring that your application is secured. The teams should be responsive enough to detect and respond to security breaches before they set in any kind of damage. DevSecOps enables your team to maintain performance and stability if a threat is found or a breach occurs. Plus, it helps your development team to fix security defects discovered in libraries and other components.

3. It makes the development cycle shorter

One of the most sought-after benefits of DevSecOps is that it creates shorter and more frequent development cycles. This helps you minimize disruptions in collaboration between teams that usually happen. You can find problems at the initial stage and fix them faster. Furthermore, DevSecOps increases development efficiency and introduces new test features that eventually make the user happy.

4. DevSecOps benefits your client

Whatever application you are making, it is for the client. It is your responsibility to stand true to all your promises made to the client. You need to provide them with the agreed-upon specs, features, and a high-quality product within the given time span. DevSecOps helps you to respond quickly to bugs, make small changes frequently, and allows your clients to introduce changes during the development process through feedback. As you fix the bugs after short intervals, you do not need to rewrite large heaps of code again and again.

5. DevSecOps makes cloud computing more secure

Cloud platforms are being adopted by most companies in the modern software industry. Most of them use cloud accounts that are either public or hybrid. Development teams oversee these cloud activities. Understanding and managing the security functions and configuration of cloud platforms can be challenging. DevSecOps assist the development teams to manage the cloud security configurations efficiently.

Before You Go

  • Integrating devsecops solutions to modern software development has numerous benefits. Moreover, it has become important to incorporate it to stay alive in the current market competition.
  • Companies can do it easily with the help of expert devsecops consulting.


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