The Cloud Security Landscape in 2023: What You Need to Know

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon December 28, 2022

In Brief

Present State of Cloud Security

At present, Digital Transformation is the key change that the business world is going through. Every organization is indulged in upgrading its IT infrastructure for the best performance. They are all shifting to the cloud with all their valuable data and digital assets. Simultaneously, threat actors are also getting their hands on more advanced methods, tools, and technologies to launch an attack. Most cloud environments have a shared responsibility model. This means that security is as much a responsibility for the users as it is for the CSPs (Cloud Service Providers). Cloud misconfigurations such as any errors, glitches, or gaps in the cloud environment are the main cause of clouds being vulnerable to attacks. Most often, these misconfigurations are the result of the customer’s fault.


of businesses use at least one cloud-based application to support their operations.


of business leaders stated that they increased spending on the cloud environment during and after the COVID strike.


of cloud security incidents occurring due to misconfiguration were initiated due to a customer’s fault.


of businesses using cloud platforms lack team awareness of security policies for safeguarding the cloud.

Need to Change the Approach for Securing Clouds

We are already aware that the tool and tactics we use for on-premises security are quite difficult to transfer to the cloud environment. There is a need to alter the security measures for being adequately applied to the cloud platforms. Today, clouds are dealing with a more dynamic workload where the volume and scope of data often exceed the amount that security control can usually manage. In 2023, organizations will continue to move to the cloud. However, this time they will not only depend on cloud platforms to host SaaS applications. We will see a continuous offloading of infrastructure, storage, computing, and resilience to the cloud in the coming year.

Over the last few years, security has been dependent on standards, guidelines, and protocols. This is the tried and tested approach. But the companies often ignore the basic aspects of security while they are cutting corners. Insufficient logging and monitoring of unauthorized and malicious activities can be an open invitation to intruders. Moreover, the amount of data increases when the business grows. And a massive pile of data is a luring target for hackers. Attacks your cloud stacked with data are susceptible to are phishing, malware distribution, impersonating legitimate domain names, stolen account data, attacking remote access, cross-site scripting, and identity theft. More tool consolidation and team collaboration are needed to deal with all these attack vectors.

5 Predictions for Cloud Security in 2023

1. Cloud will be the de-facto environment for maximum security

Google states that in today’s hybrid world, cloud environments can provide a better default level of security as compared to on-premises environments. No on-premises environment can provide you with the base level of security that a cloud secured with an organization’s configurations does. The constant security updates work as immunizing vaccines for clouds protecting digital assets.

2. Cyber security workforce to boost capabilities

As security concerns are increasing, there are more people required to solve the issues. A workforce skilled enough to conduct Cloud Pen Testing, Automated Security Assessments, and other such processes is required on a large scale. The cyber security industry has around 2.5 million empty positions to fill in. Staff with relevant skills and problem-solving capabilities are needed to fill these positions.

3. Competition will accelerate in the best way

Businesses are making big investments in their security posture to make adjustments and enhancements. Certain relevant improvements in cloud security practices are going to scale the capabilities of the industry in 2023. According to Google, most private cybersecurity providers are working harder than ever. This will benefit big enterprises, governments, and critical infrastructure, which are the most likely target for cyber-attacks.

4. Tech infrastructure investments to counter malicious behaviors

The rise in the number of malicious cyber activities is not going to hinder in 2023. In fact, it will accelerate if you believe the trends. However, the increased investments in security will work as a moderator to slow down the rate of attacks.

5. Threat intelligence will be a must

In the coming years, won’t be an optional thing to have. All businesses need to have information on cyber criminals, attack vectors, and high-end incidents that might harm their infrastructure. This will help them detect, investigate, and respond to any attack with optimum efficiency.

Before You Go!

  • Considering all the facts, we can conclusively say that the Cloud Security landscape is going to change drastically in 2023.
  • You must consult an expert cyber security service provider to keep your security at par.


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