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Beyond the buzzwords, Cloud technologies will lead the next decade

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon January 14, 2022

In Brief:

In the year 2021, 90% of data breaches attacked external cloud assets and companies lost ~$6.2 million to cloud account compromises.

Before we dive deep into the details of Cloud Security, let’s take you through the basics first.

What is Cloud Security

Cloud Security comprises of the processes and the technology designed to secure environments against both : external and internal cybersecurity threats.
As more and more organisations transition towards a digital transformation approach, incorporation of cloud offerings become a part of their infrastructure. Cloud security helps in the protection of data stored on cloud computing platforms from subsequent theft, leakage, and deletion.

Why is it essential for organisations?

90% of organisations in the last 15 months have faced a cloud security breach.

  • Modern day organisations work on different cloud computing models like Software-as-a Service, Infrastructure-as-a-Service or Platform-as-a-Service.
  • These models give the organisations an edge to minimize the IT-related workloads and save time, but their safety is of utmost importance.

Most Cloud technology service providers have their outlined cybersecurity practices. However, it is crucial for organisations to make their own layouts to protect the workloads, data and applications running on the cloud.

Organisations have to take a step forward to enhance their cloud technology security and keep a check on their compliance & governance. A secured migration from web to cloud is only possible with successful cloud security procedures.

What are some cloud security challenges?

Secure cloud practices protect organisations from massive losses.

But in recent research, it is shown that 30% of organisations face intricate cloud security challenges and often fail to apply adequate security controls.

Let’s know about these cloud security challenges:

  • Absence of visibility and tracking

In a lot of cases, your organisation’s data is accessed by many outsiders who are not a part of your corporate networks and cannot be supervised by the IT team. Hence, it is easy to lose track of how the data is being used/handled by those third parties.

  • Complex Environments

Your organisation’s hosted services can be attacked as collateral damage while targeting other businesses. As public cloud premises have not one/two but multiple client infrastructures under the environment.

  • Key management access

Restricting access points across all the on-premise systems can be a successful exercise for the organisations. But when the same intensity of restrictions are applied on the cloud environments access points, it is a TASK. Allowing unfiltered access to any device/location conducting cloud services can be very harmful for the enterprise’s cloud security.

  • Compliance

If your organisation is using cloud computing services then this surely adds a different dimension to the regulatory compliance management. Heavy dependency on the third-party solution providers to manage this can end up to very costly compliance issues.

  • Misconfigurations

More than 80% of breached asset records in the year 2019 were because of misconfiguration. This surely is a key issue for cloud environments.

Misconfiguration gives an edge to the attacker to successfully land and move on to access and withdraw data.

What are the benefits of cloud technology security?

Cloud Security not only safeguards your business operations but also ensures continuity for all of the organisation’s cloud based assets.

Let’s take you through some benefits of Secure Cloud practices:

  • Cloud DDoS Protection

Distributed Denial of Service(DDoS) attacks’ one of the most prime targets are cloud services. If a DDoS attack is successful can result into a massive loss of data, revenue and reputation. Secure cloud practices help to identify, analyse and monitor such attacks. Effective absorption of DDoS traffic, diverting it across global points of presence(PoPs) and providing with a post-attack analysis can be a great approach to mitigate DDoS attacks

  • Data Security

Modern businesses work on a mobile model. Anyone from anywhere can access files and use them accordingly. When not handled with care, this could lead to data leaks and malware infestations. Cloud Security ensures collaboration of different entities under a secure environment to safeguard sensitive information and transactions. This will prevent third parties to interfere with your organisation’s data.

  • High Availability

An apt cloud security solution will provide your organisation with real-time support, 24*7*365 live monitoring of business assets and will have lay-off capabilities redundancies built-in so that your website and applications remain functional even in the case of an attack. A reliable cloud security solution will always ensure business continuity.

  • Regulatory Compliance

Secure cloud practices provide a strengthened infrastructure that aids regulatory compliance and safeguards consumers’ personal and financial data.

How should you approach Cloud Security for your organisation?

By now you might’ve understood the importance of cloud technology security service for your digital assets. Now, your task is to finalize the right approach to execute the secured cloud infrastructure. For any organisation, cloud security practices may vary from one to another.

Therefore, it is suggested to always better to pick brains of the ones who have thorough knowledge and expertise in it.

At RSK Cybersecurity, we can provide an all-around support for the key areas for a company’s cloud-based assets. We offer a range of cloud security benefits with a streamlined approach to mitigate malicious attacks and other advanced security features.

Let’s get your Cloud Security journey started!


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