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Best Web Application Pen Testing Tips You Need to Know

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon February 25, 2022

In Brief:

What is Web Application Pen Testing?

Penetration testing, also called ethical hacking is executed with the hacker’s mindset. Experts do that to simulate the attack which exposes the vulnerabilities of the web application infrastructure. Thus, It is important to rule out the weakness in your network before a cybercriminal would do.


of data breaches are initiated through hacking.


of a whopping increase is registered in the number of phishing websites.


of organizations receive malware via emails.


of phishing pages are using brand names to mask their identities.

Top-7 Tips for Web Application Penetration Testing

To accomplish any complex task or even a simple one you need to make a checklist of the must-do things. The process of Pen testing has also a checklist with the following vital steps to mark:

1. Segregation of Test Categories
Not only is it a vital tip, but it also becomes a necessary step in the process of web application pen-testing. You need to divide the test process into distinct categories according to your application requirements and available resources.

2. Creating a Baseline
Creating a baseline is also as important. Because it ensures your application meets all the fundamentals of basic security standards. Along with covering the vulnerabilities, this will save a lot of time and effort during the process.

3. Linking References and Solutions
It would be redundant and inefficient to make a hit and trial on all different test procedures. To minimize the number of test scenarios, we can refer and link to the common ones to increase your coverage.

Top-7 Tips for Web Application Penetration Testing

4. Develop the Hacker Mindset
For a penetration tester, it is important to adopt the same approach as hackers do. This helps to stimulate the scenario of an actual cyberattack. Along with exposing the basic vulnerabilities, it will ensure no unknown loopholes are left.

5. External and In-House Experts are Equally Important
Employing internal staff in the company can add up to the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of pen-testing. However, you may need the assistance of an external cyber security expert to get the third perspective. It is because, as an outsider and an upskilled team can pin out some loopholes that are not diagnosed internally.

6. Prioritizing the Remediation
‘First things first’ must apply here. The whole idea of web application penetration testing is to find the vulnerabilities and fix them. You need to fix the vulnerabilities highly prone to violation first.

7. Repeating the Tests
Well, yes you remediate the present vulnerabilities after the current results of the penetration test. But all the tools on the internet are upgrading every day. So are the hackers. Hence, you must include pen testing in your business process as an interval task to carry out regularly.

Why is Pen Testing Important?

  • The importance of carrying out a process is defined by its purpose. The purpose of web application pen testing is to expose the vulnerabilities of your web infrastructure, data, and information stack.
  • It is also significant for being up to date with the current security policies. These policies may include password authentication and management. Also, the protocol for responding to a security breach is a part of it.
  • Along with security, pen-testing also helps with performance. The penetration tests can point out the factors responsible for the delay in load or response time of your web applications. You can rectify them and improve the end-user experience of your business.
  • Pen testing is essential to make your system secure as it directly affects the dependability of your business. The client would hesitate and even avoid dealing with an organization where their data would be at risk.

Benefits of Web Pen Testing

  • It helps to scan out vulnerabilities throughout the system and network
  • Checks the security parameters of your publicly exposed infrastructure such as firewall, routers, and DNS
  • Marks the effectiveness of your current security protocol
  • Exposes the loopholes through which your critical data is at the risk of theft and potential attacks

Before You Go

  • Web Application Pen testing is a critical process to accommodate into your cyber security protocol.
  • Adhering to the tips mentioned above will help you optimize the results.
  • Along with the updates in technology, the security threats are also upgrading. Hence, it is necessary to repeat the tests from time to time.
  • Now it’s obvious that adopting a few expert measures can effectively optimize the outcomes of web pen-testing. You must choose an Expert for the job.


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