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What Are the Best Practices for Implementing Penetration Testing Software in the Manufacturing Sector?

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon July 19, 2023

In Brief

Importance of Implementing Pen Testing Software in the Manufacturing Sector

Enhancing cybersecurity measures in the industrial industry requires the implementation of penetration testing tools. Manufacturers are more susceptible to cyber dangers as they implement digital technology and IoT devices. Software for penetration testing identifies and evaluates potential vulnerabilities in linked devices, applications, and IT infrastructure. It highlights vulnerabilities that could be used by hostile actors by mimicking actual attacks. Manufacturers may fix vulnerabilities, enhance data security, protect intellectual property, and ensure continuous manufacturing by taking a proactive approach. Manufacturers may strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture and lower their risk of expensive cyber incidents by frequently undertaking penetration testing. This allows them to keep ahead of cyber threats, secure consumer data, ensure regulatory compliance, and maintain their reputation.


of organizations conduct pen testing for vulnerability management program support.


of businesses depend on the services of a third-party penetration testing team to test their security posture.


of companies conduct a pentest annually or bi-annually.


of businesses conduct penetration testing for achieving compliance, as revealed in the CoreSecurity Penetration Testing Report.

Implementing Penetration Testing Software in the Manufacturing Sector: Best Practices

Here are detailed points outlining best practices for this process:

1. Comprehensive Risk Assessment:

Start by performing a thorough risk analysis of the applications, systems, and infrastructure used in manufacturing. To adjust the penetration testing scope, identify essential assets, potential vulnerabilities, and prospective attack paths.

2. Engage Qualified Professionals:

Hire qualified penetration testers with experience or work with a credible outside cybersecurity company that has knowledge of manufacturing facilities. Their expertise will be crucial for carrying out realistic and successful penetration tests.

3. Clear Objectives and Scope:

Establish the purpose and parameters of the penetration testing methodology. Decide which locations, whose assets, and which test kinds (such as network, application, or physical) will be used.

4. Obtain Consent and Notify Stakeholders:

Before conducting penetration tests, make sure you obtain the necessary consent from important stakeholders. This helps to prevent any legal concerns and guarantees that everyone involved is aware of the pen testing security procedure.

5. Testing Realism and Safety Measures:

During testing, emphasize realism while taking safety into account. Attacks can be simulated without endangering live systems. To avoid unintentional leaks, isolate testing environments and utilize sanitized data.

6. Assessment of IoT and OT Devices:

Make sure these parts are also penetration tested as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Operational Technology (OT) devices become more prevalent. These gadgets could present various security issues that necessitate specialized testing.

7. Vulnerability Assessment and Management:

Before performing penetration tests, conduct regular vulnerability assessments and repair any holes that you find. This makes sure that penetration testing software doesn’t overlook any fundamental weaknesses and concentrates on more sophisticated threats.

8. Test Against Real-World Scenarios:

Create numerous hypothetical situations of attacks that manufacturers might encounter. This might involve supply chain attacks, insider threats, ransomware attacks, or social engineering ploys.

9.  Documentation and Reporting:

Maintain thorough records of the testing procedure, results, and corrective actions. Publish thorough reports describing all vulnerabilities found, potential dangers, and suggested countermeasures.

10. Remediation and Follow-Up:

Based on the findings of the penetration testing, identify, and fix any vulnerabilities that were found right away. Follow-up testing should be performed to verify that the changes worked as intended and that no new vulnerabilities emerged.

11. Employee Training and Awareness:

Inform those working in manufacturing about the value of penetration testing, recommended cybersecurity measures, and potential dangers. This lessens the possibility that security breaches would result from human error and promotes the development of a security-conscious culture.

12. Regular Testing Cadence:

Perform penetration testing on a regular basis—at least once a year. If the manufacturing environment undergoes a substantial change, it is important to engage in a pen test session. These changes include the introduction of new technologies or the expansion of the infrastructure.

13. Compliance with Regulations:

Make that penetration testing adheres to appropriate industry norms and laws that are unique to the manufacturing business.

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  • Manufacturing companies can avert a lot of potential cyberattacks by incorporating penetration testing software.
  • A lot of manufacturing businesses are leveraging mobile applications within their organization for better operation handling.
  • These organizations can also make use of mobile application penetration testing services.


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