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How does automated scanning and manual testing complement each other in cloud penetration testing?

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon July 7, 2023

In Brief:

Importance of Cloud Pen Testing for Modern Businesses

For several reasons, cloud pentesting is essential for contemporary enterprises. First, as businesses depend more and more on cloud services; the threats and vulnerabilities they face also grow. To protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, penetration testing helps to identify security flaws in cloud settings. Second, by confirming security controls, it aids in meeting regulatory compliance requirements. Third, it helps guard against financial loss, reputational harm, and data breaches. Fourth, by proactively finding and fixing vulnerabilities, it enables enterprises to remain ahead of hostile actors and emerging threats. Finally, performing routine cloud penetration tests creates a culture of security within the organization. Furthermore, it strengthens consumer trust, protecting the entire business ecosystem in the process.


of businesses have experienced at least one data breach in their cloud environment during the last year.


of cloud security incidents are caused due to human error or negligence.


of data stored in the cloud is sensitive and susceptible to breaches.


of businesses using the cloud are concerned about security.

The Magical Synchronization of Automated Scanning and Manual Testing in Cloud Penetration Testing

Automated scanning and manual testing complement each other in cloud pen testing by combining their strengths. It helps you execute comprehensive and effective security assessments. Here are the detailed points illustrating their complementary nature:


By swiftly scanning massive cloud systems, automated scanning solutions excel at delivering thorough coverage. You can do it by locating widespread vulnerabilities, incorrect setups, and well-known flaws. They can quickly scan a variety of systems, services, and settings, guaranteeing a thorough evaluation.


The time and effort needed to find common vulnerabilities is greatly reduced by automated scanning. It can carry out regular scans, enabling ongoing monitoring and prompt detection of any new vulnerabilities that could appear.


Automated technologies are capable of quickly scanning and analyzing cloud infrastructures, finding vulnerabilities in a matter of minutes or hours. It drastically increases speed and the organizations’ ability to respond and mitigate concerns as soon as they are discovered. As a result, the window of opportunity for potential attackers is less.


Automated scanning methods are well suited to handle the enormous volume and complexity of cloud settings. This is because they are very dynamic and scalable. They can carry out repeated scans without operator intervention and adjust to changes in the cloud infrastructure.


On the other hand, manual testing offers a deeper level of analysis by reenacting actual attack situations and utilizing human intelligence. Skilled penetration testers may find complex vulnerabilities, such as logical weaknesses, business logic vulnerabilities, and special configuration problems. Automated tools often miss these kinds of security flaws during the scanning process.

Contextual Understanding:

Manual testing gives penetration testers the chance to comprehend the particular context and demands of the target cloud system. This gives employees the opportunity to use their knowledge and skills to identify vulnerabilities that are unique. They can run the test specifically tailored according to the organization’s setup, configurations, and operational procedures.

Advanced Techniques:

Advanced methods including social engineering, reverse engineering, and the creation of original exploits are used during manual testing. These methods can assist in locating complex vulnerabilities that automatic scanners might miss.


It is essential to do manual testing to confirm the results of automated scanning programs. Penetration testers can verify and rank the vulnerabilities that have been found. Plus, they can conduct a more thorough investigation of any questionable discoveries. Furthermore, they are able to offer more information and remediation advice.

Adapting to New Threats:

Automated tools are necessary for routine vulnerability assessments, but they might be unable to keep up with new threats and zero-day flaws. Manual testing can fill this gap. It does that by using innovative thinking and cutting-edge methodologies to find undiscovered vulnerabilities that automated technologies may miss.

Reporting and Communication:

Manual testing produces thorough reports with in-depth analysis, an evaluation of potential impacts, and suggestions for the next action. These reports assist decision-makers, including IT teams and management, in understanding risks, setting priorities for corrective actions, and making choices.

The combination of these approaches maximizes the effectiveness of cloud penetration testing, ensuring a comprehensive security assessment of the cloud environment.

Before You Go!

  • A cloud pen testing process studded with both manual and automated techniques can give the best results.
  • However, you must seek a cyber security consultation before engaging in the process.


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