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Our team of expert cybersecurity professionals provides you with a comprehensive vulnerability risk assessment for your infrastructure. We are equipped with all the tools and techniques in the book to identify and eliminate every security loophole in your IT systems and networks. You can trust our Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing services to strengthen your security posture to withstand all kinds of prevailing cyber threats.

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Why do You Need VAPT Services?

Creating a need for VAPT Services

Evolving threats are looking out for just one vulnerability within your infrastructure to exploit and make their way in. If you are one of those organizations that have huge amounts of critical business data and client information stored within your IT infrastructure. You certainly need to make sure that your security posture is strong enough to keep breaches at bay. VAPT Testing is the best way to do that.

Benefits of VAPT Services

Protection Against Hackers

Effective VAPT cyber security assessments protect you against hacks and breaches.

Ensures Data Security

Regular VAPT Testing ensures that your data and information are safe.

Prevents Monetary Loss

VAPT services eliminate vulnerabilities that might result in financially motivated breaches.

Builds Business Reputation

Clients always trust a business where they feel their personal information is safe.

Vulnerabilities Covered

Extending Beyond these Vulnerabilities

Process of VAPT

We adhere to a holistic approach to executing a precise VAPT audit through every stage involved in the process.

Why Choose RSK Cyber Security?

White Papers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We conduct a thorough VAPT assessment of your infrastructure and deliver:

  • A comprehensive assessment report
  • List of all identified vulnerabilities
  • Risk rating for all vulnerabilities
  • Overview of the testing methodology
  • Steps for remediation and mitigation

The time to complete the assessment and deliver test results depends largely on the scope of the project. Assessment of a few functionalities can be done within 1-2 days, testing a whole application might take weeks, and a complete assessment of your IT infrastructure might take even months.

The pricing of a VAPT assessment depends on several factors that include:

  • Size of the organization
  • Complexity of the application architecture
  • Types of systems involved
  • Scope of the assessment
  • Level of testing expertise required

We can assure you of the best pricing in the industry based on all the above parameters.

Yes, of course! Every organization has its different requirements depending on the size and domain of operation of its business. VAPT Services can be customized according to the needs of your business and the scope of your project.

It is advised by cyber security experts to conduct VAPT Assessments periodically. The frequency of conducting VAPT assessments depends on the industry in which a business operates. In general, you must conduct an assessment at least once a year. If you are handling critical data and valuable online assets, the assessments should be more frequent. 

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