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External Penetration Testing


Client: Unifonic

Category: Product Security

Date: 15 March 2023

Unifonic is a service-based organization that provides businesses with affordable enterprise-grade multilingual, seamless omnichannel communications platforms throughout the Middle East. Since its inception in 2006, the company has helped numerous organizations to develop effective communication with their customers. It has served over 160 million recipients with more than 5000 business accounts till now.

Before they met us

  • Unifonic operates through a unified dashboard to provide all the services to its clients. The same is responsible for handling the operation of its products and applications throughout its user base.
  • The IP was publicly exposed. At present, the client was facing issues that seem to be minor. But Unifonic was fearful of major cyber incidents taking the prevalence of online threats into account.
  • And our findings during the execution of this project prove that they were rightly terrified.
  • Unifonic engaged us just at the right time. Otherwise, it might have resulted in a catastrophic security failure for their infrastructure.

How we went through this case?

  • We planned and executed a thorough Infrastructure Penetration Testing. As many as 300 IP addresses were tested in the project.
  • Our team gathered and exploited all security vulnerabilities on the given IP addresses.
  • We segregated IPs into whitelisted and non-whitelisted categories to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the production environment for IP address pen testing.
  • Our team identified all the security risks within Unifonic’s infrastructure and their impacts on the applications used for day-to-day business operations.
  • At the end of the project, we submitted all our deliverables to the client within the due timeframe allotted to us.

Processes we used

  • We went in with the conventional approach for External Penetration Testing to evaluate the security status of the client’s infrastructure.
  • A comprehensive intelligence gathering for effective target development for the pen testing process.
  • Our testing team conducted a series of systematic manual & automated tests to uncover exploits in the subdomains, login portals, and other entry points.
  • Simulated spraying and brute forcing to test the resistance of the infrastructure against password-guessing attacks.
  • The team also tested the authentication protocols for user accounts, administrative panels, and other services by stuffing credentials scraped from the dark web and breach databases.

Tools used by our team

Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tools for passive intelligence gathering.

Nmap to scan every active IP address.

Nessus for remote scanning of network security threats.

Results and Recommendations

The tested infrastructure was not secure. It was not aligned with the best security practices.

Our team identified multiple issues in Unifonic’s infrastructure that might have resulted in catastrophic incidents.

We recommended remediation steps to address issues such as Insecure Configurations, Data injection attacks, Data manipulation, DOS Attacks, Deprecated communications practices, Information Disclosure, and Missing compliance implementation.

For maintaining security standards in the future, we recommended the client implement frequent vulnerability scanning and other protocols including policy review, a review of internal security controls and procedures, or internal red teaming/penetration testing.

Out testing team delivered a thorough report to the client featuring all the exploited vulnerabilities, their impacts, and how to mitigate them.

Eventually, at the end of the project, Unifonic was able to update its security status and make it in line with the required standards.

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