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Why Do You Need Cybersecurity Consultancy?

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon June 3, 2022

In Brief:

Let us explore why?

Why Cybersecurity Consultancy?

There is a need for cybersecurity consultancies to get state-of-the-art protection for your network infrastructure from continuously evolving cyber threats.  A consultancy can analyze and mitigate even those threats that are left hidden from the eyes of your internal team.


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Importance of Cyber Security Consultancy for Businesses

Most businesses around the world use IT systems and network infrastructure. This is irrespective of their size and domain of operation. However, all of this is to make the business operations smoother and more efficient. But the threats present online pose a variety of risks to your infrastructure.

Cybersecurity consultancy services come in handy to safeguard critical infrastructure from cyber-attacks. Recently, most cyber-attacks succeeded in causing damage due to human error within the team. Expert counseling from consultancies will help you avoid these crucial security mistakes.

The consultancies help both types of organizations. Those who do not have an IT security team as well as those who do. They provide a wide range of security services to all types of businesses. These services are for organizations according to their requirements.

Services Provided by Cybersecurity Consultancy Services

Following are the major services a cybersecurity consultancy provides:

  • Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

Vulnerability Assessment is the process of scanning weaknesses of IT systems and networks using various tools and techniques. On the other hand, Penetration Testing is the process of testing the strength of your IT infrastructure. They do it by launching a simulated attack on it. Both these processes help to scan the vulnerable points within your infrastructure. Eventually, all this helps make your network completely secure.

  • Cloud Security

Clouds are the new and revolutionary way of data storing and handling. All kinds of small and big business organizations are switching to clouds. There are various dependable cloud service providers out there including AWS by Amazon and Azure by Microsoft. Still, there are some threats and misconfigurations that might harm your business operations. Cloud security services help you avoid such attacks.

  • DevSecOps Integration

Cyber security consultancies can help you deploy DevSecOps. It is a methodology for a secure development life cycle for your software. DevSecOps is the process of implementing security tools and techniques from the start to the end of the SDLC.

  • OT/IoT Solutions

Operational Technology and the Internet of Things are innovative technologies that most modern businesses use. Along with the wide range of utilities, these technologies come with a wide variety of potential attack possibilities. The OT/IoT security solutions will help to analyze and mitigate these risks.

  • Thick Client Security

Thick client systems are where the client and server are in the same place. There are a lot of such systems used in modern-day business operations. Cybersecurity solutions help to apply a methodological approach to apply security protocols to both client and server-side of these applications.

  • Security Audits

It is such a service that companies with a dedicated security team also need. Frequent security audits by an expert cybersecurity consultancy are necessary to be following the security requirements. It helps to point out the security lapses and suggest remediation steps as well.

Benefits of Cybersecurity Consultancy

We have already got a hold that cybersecurity consultancies help businesses to keep the security of their IT systems in check. Additionally, there are a few key benefits of hiring a cyber security consultancy listed below:

  • Helps in timely threat detection: No organization is 100% immune to cyber threats. The consultancies use their expertise to detect the potential threats to your business within the due time for you to react.
  • Data Protection: By analyzing your data handling techniques and security maturity, they give the best solutions for preventing data theft.
  • Makes you aware of the weak zones: The consultancies help you to figure out the area of your cyber infrastructure that is most prone to hacking. They also recommend the best preventive measures.
  • Helps you understand the reason for successful hacks: There are areas that your internal security teams might miss. Cyber security consultancies help you to figure out the real reason for the hack being a success.
  • Assists with policies and process review: The security policies are continuously revised. You always need a fresh pair of eyes to take a deep look into your compliance with those policies and processes.

How to choose a Cyber Security Consultancy Service?

The following are some key points you need to keep in mind while selecting a consulting partner for your business:

  • Avoid Independent Contractors

Always look for established services as a security partner for your organization. An independent contractor will not be a reliable choice for long-term solutions.

  • Be Clear with your objectives

The security consultancies usually provide full-fledged services for all domains of your infrastructure. But one service of a said consultancy might be better than the corresponding service of other consultancies. So, you need to choose according to the security needs of your business.

  • Looking for Experience and Expertise

Expert solutions with relatable experience are always the ones to rely on. They will have relevant experience in dealing with a variety of threats and attack vectors. This will eventually help their output while delivering your services.

RSK Cyber Security is one such service that complies with all the requirements of being an ideal consulting partner for your business operations. It is certainly the best cyber security consultancy UK to trust.

Before You Go!

  • The DIY method of cybersecurity is not adequate to protect your systems and network in the current threat environment. You must entrust an expert consultancy for the task.
  • Always look for experience, expertise, and reliability while choosing your cyber security consulting partner.


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