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Top Reasons to Perform VAPT of Your Web Application

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon August 1, 2022

In Brief

Why Do We Need VAPT Services for Web Applications?

Every business is going online and using web applications in one form or the other. The web applications come in handy for handling business processes as well as information sharing and accessing. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing of the web applications are needed to rule out all the security limitations. In other words, we can say that protecting the web application from cyber threats is the main purpose of VAPT services.

Vapt Services


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5 Major Reasons to Perform VAPT of Your Web Application

Technological advancements in web services are enabling businesses to boost their reach. Also, web applications help business operations in several other ways. But rising cyber-attacks are posing a major threat to the web infrastructure of most organizations. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing process help to keep away these threats by tightening the security over your web applications.

The top 5 reasons to perform VAPT of your web application are:

1. To identify the security gaps

Penetration testing on the web apps will give you a clear idea of where your security status lies. Businesses having security tools deployed on the web application can check for the gaps in security lining. Also, once you know the exact security posture of your web assets, you can use it to identify gaps between security tools. However, if you perform pen tests with different tools on the same app, it will help you compare the tools. Although testing the same application with different tools might sound a bit weird. You’ll mostly get varied results. It is ideal to perform a manual test on the web application and then compare the results with automated testing.

2. For prioritizing risks

Usually, businesses carry out a vulnerability assessment and penetration test. This gives them a list of vulnerabilities and weaknesses within their systems. But they do not carry out risk prioritization. In the current scenario, this can prove to be a blunder. The IT decision-makers have the responsibility to prioritize the risk in the order of importance. VAPT services assist your security teams to save a lot of time and resources by prioritizing and fixing the issues in critical order.

3. Discovering Loopholes and Misconfigurations

These are exactly the things a hacker exploits to breach your systems or network. Web applications are prone to human errors. There might be gaps left in the application at the time of development. This can later turn out to be the reason for a hack being successful. In fact, most of the hacks are successful due to incorrect coding practices and misconfigurations rather than functional vulnerabilities. Nevertheless, penetration testing uncovers these loopholes and fundamental misconfigurations as well. This leads to a more secure perimeter of your web application, much harder to breach.

4. To monitor threats and avoid the same

Threat monitoring is also an underrated aspect of VAPT. On the account of the vulnerabilities found in your application, it is important to monitor the threat landscape. Some common threat vectors for web applications are:

  • Broken Access Control
  • Cryptographic Failures
  • Insecure Design
  • Injection
  • Security Misconfiguration
  • Vulnerable and Outdated Components
  • Identification and Authentication Failures
  • Software Data and Integrity Failures
  • Security Logging and Monitoring Failures
  • Server-Side Request Forgery

5. Ensure best ROI on security expenses

Business entities put a lot of investment in web applications and deploying security solutions on them. Vulnerability assessment and penetration testing ensure that you get the true value for the money you spend on security. It focuses on eliminating any loophole that might cause your security systems to fail.

Benefits of performing VAPT on web applications

  • Prevents your sensitive data on the web from getting stolen
  • Safeguards your website from potential threats
  • Works for both short-term security benefits as well as the prospective risks
  • Avoids any unwanted capital loss
  • Can identify the programming errors that might lead to successful cyber-attacks
  • Provides risk management solutions
  • Boosts your business’s reputation

Before You Go!

  • We can conclude by saying there are enough reasons to motivate you to carry out the VAPT of your web applications.
  • VAPT Services are quite well versed with tools and techniques to make your web application immune to prevailing cyber threats.
  • Although there are a lot of VAPT Companies in Dubai. But our advice will be to always choose an expert for the process. Otherwise, you might end up wasting your time and money.


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