Top 10 Mobile App Security Testing Tools in 2022

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon August 18, 2022

In Brief

Why do we need Security Testing Tools for Mobile Applications?

Mobile Penetration Testing is a comprehensive process that involves a lot of different aspects of testing. It includes authorization, authentication, complete data security, any vulnerabilities for hacking, session management, and more. All this can make the process complex if done manually. The tools have pre-written scripts for testing, and everything is organized to avoid chaos. The use of these tools makes the testing process automated to a large extent. Eventually, it leads to faster and more accurate test results.


of mobile app uninstallations are due to crashes


of users abandon any app if it takes too long to load


of mobile applications are untested because the team falls short of time


of the mobile app developers do not have the right tools for testing

Top 10 Testing Tools for Mobile App Security in 2022

1.  ImmuniWeb

ImmuniWeb is among the best security testing tools for mobile applications. In addition to mobile app testing, it also supports backend testing. Moreover, it is quite affordable for the development teams that are even tight on budget. The tool guarantees zero false-positives SLA. ImmuniWeb will return your money back if you get one single false positive during the Mobile Penetration Testing. Furthermore, it enables you to run holistic DAST/SAST testing for OWASP.

2. Synopsys

It is a US-based company that offers mobile app security services to users around the world. The security testing tool from Synopsys helps you to identify potential risk threats for a mobile application. It has an impressive testing suite that provides both static and dynamic analysis to the users. Synopsys is the best option for the SDLC processes where they want to incorporate testing to improve the quality of the app without much maintenance cost.


Quick Android Review Kit, generally known as QUARK or QARK is software for testing android mobile applications. The tool is designed and developed by the renowned social media platform LinkedIn to identify any security vulnerabilities in mobile apps. QUARK is an open-source security tool that enables you to collect detailed information about security threats.

4. Micro Focus

Micro Focus is among the top names in the software industry. In collaboration with HPE software, it provides an end-to-end mobile app security testing service. You may avail of this service across different devices, platforms, servers, or networks. Additionally, you get a fortify tool by Microfocus along with the testing service. It helps to ensure the mobile app is safe before you install it on your device.

5. Android Debug Bridge

It is a command-line program for testing the security functionalities of Android devices and applications. The Android debug bridge can also work as a client-server tool that enables you to connect to multiple android devices or emulators. Also, it has some additional features which include real-time monitoring of all system events.

6. Drozer

Another open-source Security Testing Tool that identifies security vulnerabilities in mobile applications. Drozer is developed by MWR InfoSecurity to ensure that the Android apps you are installing, are safe to use. This tool supports both Android devices and emulators. Also, it can execute Java code on Android device.

7. WhiteHat Security

WhiteHat Security offers a tool named WhiteHat Sentinel Mobile Express for the testing of mobile Applications. It is a cloud-based platform for static and dynamic analysis of the source code of mobile applications.

8. CodifiedSecurity

Developed in 2015, CodifiedSecurity is a testing tool that enables the security testing of mobile apps without fetching the source code. The testing style of this tool is a lot different from conventional Mobile Penetration Testing.Moreover, it supports static code analysis and machine learning along with accurate test results and real-time feedback.

9. MobSF

The Mobile Security Framework, commonly known as MobSF, is a popular open-source automated mobile app security testing framework. It is a versatile testing platform that allows you to test iOS, Android, and Windows mobile apps in a single place. Along with both types of ode analysis, it enables web API testing as well.

10. Kiuwan

It is a security testing platform for mobile applications that support a 360-degree approach with high technology coverage. With the help of Kiuwan, you can perform code and software composition analysis. The tool supports all the main languages and frameworks used for the development of mobile applications.

Before You Go!

  • While choosing Mobile App Security Testing Tool, you need to consider the factors such as Usability, Depth of testing, User Interface (UI), and Value for Money.
  • There are various Cyber Security Companies in Dubai that might help you with Mobile Penetration Testing. But we advise you to choose RSK Cyber Security for expert service and solutions.


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