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The Top Cyber attacks of August 2022

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon September 19, 2022

In Brief

What Do the Trends Say?

Cyber-attacks in the last months were targeted diversely to all kinds of businesses. But one thing the trends show is that you do not need to be a big multinational conglomerate to get targeted by cybercriminals. Small and medium-scale industries are the most affected by malicious activities. Although there are a lot of advanced attack vectors at the disposal of hackers to use against their victims. But among the top attacks in August, traditional phishing and ransomware were the picks of them.


of companies admit that bot attacks affect customer satisfaction.


of cyber security leaders think their organization is not at par with security standards.


million records were breached in August 2022 i.e., the last month.


of all cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses.

Major Cyber Incidents of August 2022

There were numerous hacks and breaches that took place last month. We will talk about a few key incidents from the lot to give you an idea of how things went wrong regarding cyber security in August 2022.

Cyber Security Companies in Dubai, the UK, the US, and all over the world are trying to stop malicious activities against the IT infrastructure of business organizations. But threat actors are continuously evolving and somehow manage to cause damage. Let us have a look at the top cyber incidents of August 2022:

1. Attack on a Major Library Supplier

Baker & Taylor, a reputed and one of the oldest library suppliers in the US encountered a ransomware attack on August 19th, 2022. The library business is a perfect example of working efficiently with a limited number of resources. But this attack directly gives the message that hackers have nothing to do with the stalwart reputation of any business. They attack any organization with their own selfish motives. Baker & Taylor is 200 years old business that supplies books, videos, music, and technological services to public libraries across the United States. The attack did bring down vital communications services and applications of the organization. This created a huge impact on Baker & Taylor’s business-critical functions. However, the company refrains to go public about the attack, its impact, or who is the suspect behind it. But most of the key operations of the business remained shut for weeks.

2. Hacker Exposed Cyber Security of Luxembourg’s Energy Industry

The fragility of the Energy Industry in Luxembourg was exposed by a recent ransomware attack. The breach was initiated in late July by BlackCat ransomware. It is speculated that hackers stole around 150 GB of documents and data from the company named ‘Enevco’ and its subsidiaries. Luxembourg is the second most rich country in the world and is popular for its booming service sector. But this kind of attack on a prominent energy company that is partially owned by the government of Luxembourg is a serious blow. Although there were no interruptions in the energy services due to the incident. But it certainly uncovers security vulnerabilities in a vital national entity. According to the authorities, the cybercrime group named Alphav gang is behind this attack. It is the same group that executed the 2021 Colonial Pipeline attack in the U.S.

3. A Breach into CISCOs Network

The networking giant CISCO took a hit last month. Yanluowang ransomware group which is an affiliate of the Lapsus$ extortion organization announced on 10th August that it is in possession of Cisco’s critical documents and would release them. Cisco replied with the full details of the incident through its blog about two hours later of this allegation by Lapsus$. The company explained that the threat actors hacked an employee’s personal Google account. Then they tried to log in to the company’s network, most likely through a stealer log. The systems were accessible at that time through VPN. This breach is another evidence that hackers do not care about whether the organization is big or small. If they have the resources to hack Google or NASA, they will go for it without any hesitation.

Before You Go!

  • The attack trends prove that ransomware is the preferred mode of attack by cybercriminals these days.
  • Also, the size and reputation of the business have nothing to do with the attacks. Small and medium-scale businesses are just as susceptible to breaches as the big names are.
  • IT security teams within the companies need to work side by side with the cyber security consultancy they hire to protect their infrastructure from malicious activities.
  • You can reach out to RSK Cyber Security for assistance in any cyber security matter. It is among the best Cyber Security Companies in Dubai.


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