Latest Trends in Penetration Testing in 2022

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon September 2, 2022

In Brief

Moreover, we’ll touch the grounds on how it is helping to keep organizations safe from evolving cyber threats?

How is Penetration Testing Affected By the Latest Trends?

Penetration testing used to be a conventional way for enterprises to test their cyber security standards. Most of the process are manual to exploit vulnerabilities and see how resilient the infrastructure is to cyber- attacks. However, the changing scenario in the tech world is imparting its effects over the future of pen testing methodologies as well. Especially, the transition in the work pattern of the IT industry after the COVID strike has made the companies more prone to malicious assaults and attacks. This is pushing the penetration testing authorities to their edges for keeping up their quality good enough to ensure protection from the rising number of malicious activities.


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Top Penetration Testing Trends in 2022 You Must Know

Companies usually appoint cyber security services to conduct processes like Web Application Pentesting, and a few other of such kind. It gives a clear idea of where your security posture is standing. The current trends in penetration tests will help you understand the impact of changing variables upon your cyber infrastructure. You can make use of this information to fortify your IT security and make your network more resilient to malicious activities.

So, without wasting any more time and words, let us scroll through the trends now:

1. Huge impacts of remote and hybrid work culture

No doubt, remote work culture has enabled flexibility for the employees and for a lot of business it has a positive impact on productivity. However, it has increased e headache of the cybersecurity teams. First, it scatters the network of the organization like the false feet of amoeba. This makes it difficult for the security teams to manage the network security. Also, most companies provide devices to their employees that end up in distant locations. This opens multiple entry points for the malicious threat actors. It they penetrate through one device; the whole network is compromised.

2. Use of penetration testing tools

The use of manual as well as automated tools in penetration testing has significantly increased recently. Every organization uses at least one such tool. These tools can cover a broad range, including SQL injection, port scanning, password cracking, and more. You can carry out complete Web Application Pentesting with the help of pen testing tools. Most respondents who use these tools say that comprehensive reporting is the primary feature they would like to have in pen testing tools.


3. Pen testing is becoming AI-centric

AI (Artificial Intelligence) is paving its way through to the integral procedures of penetration testing. It can help prepare counteracts for cyberattacks by analyzing patterns of behavior shown by malicious threat actors. The sad part is that attackers are also using this technology to make their attacks more sophisticated and lethal for your IT system. It sometimes becomes difficult to even identify such attacks, let alone mitigate them. You can counter this situation by adding enough AI algorithms to your penetration testing process. It can help to determine critical cyber security risks.

4. Inclusion of machine learning

Machine learning has the potential to make all the processes of cybersecurity more proactive including Web Application Pentesting. It makes the process simpler, more effective, and less expensive. Integrating machine learning algorithms to the pen testing processes can help forecast and react to active attacks in real-time. Implementation of ML techniques becomes easier every next time as it learns from the previous execution and will take less time in every consecutive test.

5. Rising ransomware threats

Ransomware is increasing in frequency and has the potential to cause damage like never before. It involves cryptography techniques to seize data and online assets of the victim until a said ransom is paid. The ransom is in the form of untraceable cryptocurrency. Phishing is typically used to deploy ransomware to trick the victims. User awareness along with updated pen testing techniques is what you need to mitigate these threats.

Before You Go!

  • Penetration testing is still the best methodology to uncover vulnerabilities within your system and make your infrastructure more secure.
  • However, the latest trends have altered the way to approach the pen testing process. You need to find expert Cyber Security Companies UK to help you with carrying out such a methodology.


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