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Latest Trends in Cybersecurity Breaches

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon August 31, 2022

In Brief

How Do the Latest Trends In Cybersecurity Breaches Affect the Security Posture of An Organization?

In this age of the Digital Revolution, every organization whether public or private, relies on IT systems to carry out their crucial business functions. All these systems are at risk of getting compromised by the prevailing cyber threats. Data breaches, ransomware, and phishing are a few among many such threats. Any of these threat vectors can give your organization a major setback operationally or financially or both. Therefore, the latest trends in cybersecurity breaches expose your security posture to a wide range of challenges to deal with.



of organizations will experience cyber-attacks on their supply software by 2025.


of the increase is recorded in the number of attacks according to Ernst & Young’s annual risk report 2021.


of all ransomware attacks are targeted at educational institutions by September 2021.


of small businesses suffered cyber-attacks last year.

Current Trends in Cybersecurity Breaches

Cyber Security Verification

You need to keep yourself updated on the current trend regarding cyber security breaches and threats. It plays a key role in the Cyber Security Verification of your IT infrastructure. All the trends in breaches and attacks on cyber infrastructure of businesses and individuals are typically empowered by technological advancements. However, human error in security is also a popular cause.

That is why we always recommend hiring an expert for the job. Anyways, getting back to the topic, let us check out the following trends:

1. Breaches have become industry-specific

Although organizations from every business domain are under the threat of cyber-attacks. But recently the focus of threat actors has shifted to some specific industries. These industries include Healthcare, Telecommunications, and Education. The top reason these industries are the prime target of malicious threat actors is the data they hold. Especially healthcare sector deals with loads of sensitive information. The supply chains of these industries are susceptible to compromise. This also exposes the clients and businesses working closely with them. Therefore, you need to have a full security audit before striking a deal with such organizations.

2. Automotive hacking has increased

Hacking activities are not limited to the IT systems and the devices involved with business operations. Automobile hacking cases are also on the rise. Modern vehicles come with a lot of peripherals susceptible to hacking. There is software and integrated hardware to control the functioning of engine timing, door lock, airbags, and advanced systems for driver assistance. All these systems use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology which are quite hackable. This increases the possibility of breaches into the automobiles.


3. Hackers are launching more sophisticated attacks

Hacking has become a multi-million-dollar market. Do you think all this is based on just that stereotypical hacking? No, it is all backed-up by upgraded and sophisticated cyber-attacks empowered by AI (Artificial Intelligence), machine learning, and other advanced technologies. Attackers use these technologies to enhance the success rates and damage capabilities of attack vectors such as ransomware and phishing. AI and machine-learning techniques improve the effectiveness of automated processes to send contextualized phishing emails. Cyber Security Verification and Validation of top level is required to mitigate these threats.

4. IoT (Internet of Things) is creating new cyber threats

Another trend in the list is influenced by development in technology. IoT aims to connect various operational devices with the internet and takes them online. Although it has a purpose to make our lives easier. But it certainly increases the surface of attack exposed to the threat actors. Every device you have connected to your network can work as an entry point for hackers if there is any vulnerability present in it. This makes it important for the designers of these devise to include security in their design parameters.

5. Targeted Ransomware attacks

Ransomware is something that you may call the trending attacks vector. It is among the most used attack method by cybercriminals these days. Ransomware is a specific malware that is designed to lock or hold victim’s data to extort something out of them. Mostly the extortion is in financial, usually, in the form of cryptocurrency. Sometimes, attackers initiate these attacks by denying the administrator access to individual files or even entire digital networks. They release a set of instructions to follow to get access back.

Before You Go!

  • The latest trends in cybersecurity breaches show that the threats have evolved along with the evolution in technology.
  • Cyber Security Verification with the help of an expert is a way to find how vulnerable or secure your infrastructure is from these evolved attack vectors.
  • There are several Cyber Security Services Dubai to choose from. But our recommendation would be RSK Cyber Security due to its updated team with in-battle experience in handling sophisticated cyber-attacks.


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