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Integrating DevOps and CI/CD Tools With Cloud Security

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon September 26, 2022

In Brief

About DevOps and CI/CD Tools in the Cloud

Cloud DevOps is the application of the DevOps approach to software-related operations in the cloud environment. It involves cultural principles, tools, and practices to increase the speed and efficiency of the SDLC processes over the cloud infrastructure. Integrating DevOps strategies into the cloud allows businesses to keep up with crucial cultural and technological transformations required to stay ahead in the highly competitive software market. On the other hand, CI/CD tools help to automate several processes at different stages of application development. There are quite a few tools that make processes like development, deployment, integration, testing, and monitoring easier and more efficient for the development teams. Some of these tools are CircleCI, Jenkins, TeamCity, GitLab CI, and Travis CI. 



of organizations are having at least some of their IT resources in the cloud environment.


of businesses have experienced at least one cloud data breach in the last one and half years.


of companies are facing challenges in protecting cloud resources.


of IT teams lack cloud security skills/expertise.

Integration of DevOps and CI/CD Tools into Cloud Security 

Security in the clouds is something that every organization is emphasizing. DevSecOps Consulting services all over the world are advertising the shift-left approach in all aspects of IT infrastructure including cloud security. However, the strategy of integrating DevOps and CI/CD Tools into Cloud Security is not completely new. But it is something that most organizations have not completely decoded yet.  

The processes developers need to follow is the key factor to consider while integrating security into any part of SDLC. Especially,if we are talking about the cloud environment, the factors are increased. There are several policies that you need to take into account and consider how aggressively your development team intends to follow those policies. In short, you need to incentivize the adoption of security by reducing friction as much as you can.  

Moreover, the goals of adopting DevOps practices and infrastructure as code (IaC) play a vital role in the process. It will affect the improvement in the pace of application development and delivery. Also, it has a massive impact on empowering development teams to provision cloud infrastructure resources on a self-service basis.   

Individual developers need to scan the key points in the CI/CD pipeline before using them in staging or production deployment. Again, it is something that sounds easy but is tough to execute. The main reason for this is that it relies on organizational buy-in. Additionally, the developers are supposed to carry out these processes are already entangled in the race of delivering high-quality products to the market as fast as possible. 

Why Do You Need to Integrate DevOps and CI/CD Tools with Cloud Security? 

This integration has a lot of benefits to offer. A built-in integration will help your development teams to optimize the productivity out of the pipeline. For instance, they can leverage out-of-the-box integration to automate testing and reduce the time to release. If you do not integrate the CI/CD tools into the cloud environment, the developers will have to tread carefully. They will need to go slowly through their development environment to manually deploy, configure, and optimize tools. All this will take time and the core processes would lose that much time. Without proper integration, multiple teams in the organization might end up working in the same process. Last but not the least, manual integration may lead to errors and potential security vulnerabilities. 

The integration of DevOps tools into cloud security helps to improve collaboration. This makes it easier for the development teams to work on different projects at the same time in a siloed pattern. They can execute this by dividing themselves into diverse groups and using different tools, respectively. The integration of CI/CD tools and the DevOps process with cloud security helps in the standardization of the whole development process in the cloud environment.  

You must choose a suitable platform to realize all the benefits of integrating cloud security with DevOps tools in a CI/CD pipeline. The perfect platform enables effortless delivery of the infrastructure and application resources to the development teams.  

All these are the reasons why every DevSecOps Consulting service preaches about this integration. This has nothing but benefits on offer for your cloud environment as well as the development teams. 

Before You Go! 

  • A company can avail of a wide range of flexibilities and easements for its development teams by integrating DevOps and CI/CD Tools With Cloud Security. However, a Cyber Security Consultation is advised before executing such a process within your organization. 
  • RSK is an expert cyber security consultancy where you can come up with all kinds of security requirements and get instant solutions.  


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