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How Devsecops requirements Influence Devsecops Consulting Services

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon July 14, 2022

In Brief

Why do we need DevSecOps?

The usual SDLC is susceptible to cyber-attacks due to many vulnerabilities. Also, including security steps at the end of DevOps makes the process longer and relatively less efficient. DevSecOps makes the development cycle shorter, effective, and more secure. It does that by implementing security right from the very beginning of the SDLC.


of companies accept that they sacrifice security for speed in their development projects


of companies admit that their SDLC process has 20 vulnerabilities on average


of companies are implementing DevSecOps into their software development teams


will be the ratio of software development projects following DevSecOps practices by the end of 2022

Influence of DevSecOps requirements on DevSecOps consulting

DevSecOps is an advanced development methodology that involves Development Security and Operations. Earlier, we used to rely on conventional SDLC processes where a lot of tasks were manual. However, SDLC and DevOps served numerous organizations for a long time. But after the introduction of DevSecOps, we can see that those methods take a lot more time. Also, the manual steps increase the scope of errors and security lapses.

At present, a lot of companies are adopting DevSecOps methodology. It has several multi-dimensional benefits to offer. And the development teams understand how it can affect the output. The DevSecOps requirement is influencing the DevSecOps consulting services to scale up as they all need a transformation.

The requirement of DevSecOps is on the spike mainly because of the integrated security. It addresses the security issues right from the beginning. Whereas the previous SDLC models have the security testing steps at the end of the development cycle. Furthermore, DevSecOps has an automated workflow that saves a lot of time. Also, finding the security gaps early in the development lifecycle makes them less expensive to fix.

DevSecOps consulting services provided help to a lot of organizations during the pandemic period. They assisted the businesses to maintain their pace even during the lockdown period. Moreover, these services aid businesses to provide better transparency and swift product delivery to the end-user. Additionally, an important service that DevSecOps consulting provides is a flawless performance with formidable security.


DevSecOps Methodology

Prospects of DevSecOps in the Future

It is not all about the future. DevSecOps is turning it on even at present. However, the future certainly holds a lot for this methodology. Let’s have a look at the following trends that influence DevSecOps solutions…

  1. Smart Technologies will dominate: Even though DevSecOps already involves a lot of automated procedures, the inclusion of technologies like Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) can make it smoother. It would make the whole workflow of Development and testing automated as well.
  2. Focus on Security: We’ve already learnt in this blog that DevSecOps has a lot of advancements for the development life cycle. Although security is the most important one among them. Companies today are following a trend of using containerized environments for their product development. This gives them an edge to deploy full-fledged security.
  3. Developers will be in charge: Security becomes a part of the development cycle at the very early stages of development. This makes developers in control of the security protocols. Gradually, this will help them to possess great skills in security handling.
  4. Secure Architecture: Again, the inclusion of security checks simultaneously along with development helps here. It eliminates the security gaps instantly. Eventually, it leads to the development of secure architecture.
  5. Execution of Software Development in an Ecosystem: The whole infrastructure of software development stands on four Ds. These are DevOps, Designers, data analysts, and developers. All these resources along with DevSecOps practices make an ecosystem for effective and efficient software development.

Choosing the best DevSecOps Services

While choosing the consulting partner for your organization’s transmission to DevSecOps you need to look for the services they provide. The following are the features to seek:

  • Assessment of current security measures: Examining the security measures currently in place and suggesting the required improvements is a must.
  • Alignment with your business objectives: Even in IT, there are variations in business operations. DevSecOps services must be able to integrate your operations with security.
  • Regulation and Compliance Assessment: Being compliant with standard security regulations such as GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Digital Security Standards) is necessary to have.
  • Gap Identification among People and Processes: It is important to identify and fill the gaps and ensure high-security standards. Optimum integration among people and processes in the team will upgrade your security maturity levels and tools.

Before You Go!

  • DevSecOps is undoubtedly the future of software development methodology. It can make your projects achieve the best benchmarks.
  • The DevSecOps consulting services like RSK are the ones that will assist you in the transformation. Our expertise and in-battle experiences help to smoothen the transition.


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