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How continuous penetration testing can help your business?

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon July 29, 2022

In Brief

What is Continuous Penetration Testing?

Continuous penetration testing is a subset of ethical hacking dedicated to fortifying the security posture of your business. It frequently highlights the vulnerabilities that might be exploited by hackers to breach your organization’s IT bubble. The modern DevOps approach is always facing an ever-changing perimeter and threat landscape. Continuous penetration testing is necessary to counter it.



is the whopping hike in the rate of cybercrime activities since the COVID-19 pandemic struck


of WordPress website vulnerabilities in 2020 were due to plugins and themes


of all websites contain information level vulnerabilities


of the target websites contain at least one critical vulnerability

How Continuous Penetration Testing Helps Your Business

Businesses today need to be at par with the security requirements. Otherwise, there are numerous cyber threats out there that are willing to take you down on the first chance they get. Practices like web application pentesting, network pen testing, and other test protocols on a regular basis help to minimize the risk factors.

web application pentesting

Some major benefits of Continuous Penetration Testing for your business are:

1. Risk Identification and Prioritizing

Continuous penetration testing allows for better evaluation of web applications along with internal and external security. Not only does it involve web application pentesting but covers thorough testing of the network security perimeter. Additionally, it helps in a better understanding of security controls and the level of security required to protect the assets of your business. Also, you can prioritize the risk against your organization and prevent potential attacks.

2. Captures Real-Word Conditions

The scenario of the threat landscape online is continuously changing today. Occasional pen tests like the annual ones can become obsolete just after 2 weeks. Continuous penetration testing will keep your security measures caught up with the current needs. Furthermore, your security teams will be one step ahead of the attackers. This will have a positive impact on the safety of your IT infrastructure.

3. Better Prevention from Hacks and Infiltrations

Penetration tests are simulations of real attacks and give you a clear idea of your network’s resistance to attacks. Regular penetration tests will evaluate your cyberinfrastructure and uncovers all the security holes that might cause catastrophe. Moreover, these frequent attack simulations allow you to take remediation steps before an actual attack.

4. Improvement in Cyber Risk Management

Through standard assessments, your business prioritizes the risks based on your existing profile. Continuous web application pentesting and other such pen tests analyze the evolving attack surface of your environment. Here, you might find a risk at a high priority which might have thought of net even addressing earlier. Better risk assessment leads to better risk management. Eventually, this all results in smart security investments and better returns on the investments.

5. Adhere to Compliance

Companies need to fulfill the compliance requirements to various security regulations these days. From GDPR to PRA operational resilience, there are numerous compliance requirements to adhere to for data protection and privacy. Adhering to this, it becomes easier to deploy technical and organizational measures for protection.

6. Avoids Costly Data Breaches and Downtime

If a cyber-attack gets successful to breach your security perimeter, it lays off a pile of losses. The cost of data loss, remediation, rebuilding, and downtime altogether might cost you a lot. Investing just a portion of this total cost might save you from all this inconvenience and financial blow. Furthermore, bringing a business back on track after an attack is quite difficult. Also, it makes your clients and stakeholders lose confidence in your organizational setup.

What is the need for Continuous Penetration Testing?

The above ones are all the benefits we get after we adopt the strategy of continuous penetration testing. What makes us feel the need for carrying out frequent web application pentesting and other such processes? The following points are the answer:

  1. Preparing for the unknown: Zero-day threats on Microsoft and adobe, Facebook and Marriot International breaches in 2018, and other similar attacks on the bigwigs are quite a lesson. These incidents teach us that we must never be complacent about security. Cyber threats are always hiding in the unknown, looking for your lapse to launch an attack. Continuous penetration testing is the way to be always prepared for such an event.
  2. First mover advantage: Threats and attack vectors are always upgrading themselves. Not being in line with these upgrades can expose you to being exploited and breached easily. Pen testing on a regular basis makes you the first mover in this whole scenario. Now you are one step ahead of the cyber threats willing to attack your systems.
  3. Strengthening your security posture: Each pen test cycle will highlight security gaps within your system and fortify them gradually. Eventually, it helps to increase your infrastructure’s resilience to all kinds of cyber threats.

Before You Go!

  • By and large, continuous penetration testing has multidimensional benefits to offer for your business.
  • It might look like an unnecessary expense in the beginning, but eventually you’ll see great returns on the investment.
  • RSK cyber security is among the best cybersecurity services Dubai you can choose to partner with for continuous penetration testing.


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