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How Can ISO 27001 Help SaaS Companies?

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon October 19, 2022

In Brief: 

What is ISO 27001? 

ISO 27001 is a certification for businesses involved in holding and processing sensitive information and data. It includes the best practices to ensure the security of the company’s information systems and client information. ISO 27001 standardizes the approach to managing the data and the risk associated with its possession and transition.  


was the share of Information Technology Companies having ISO 27001 certifications in 2019.


increase was registered in ISO 27001 certifications between 2019-20.


of financial intermediation institutions were certified with ISO 27001 by 2019.


of ISO 27001 policies apply to IT-related controls.

Need for ISO 27001 Certification

Data is the most crucial asset a company needs to manage. And recent times have not been encouraging for companies dealing in sensitive data and information. Especially, data breaches and ransomware attacks have been a nuisance. Measures like ISO 27001 certification give your organization a fair chance to stand against threats to data privacy and security.  

Complying with the ISO 27001 terms and conditions will help you keep valuable data safe. This applies to your own data as well as the data you hold and process on behalf of customers. When your data is breached, you lose the trust of your clients and your reputation in the market. This creates the need for ISO 27001 certification. It binds your team to follow the best practices to manage the company data with utmost safety and efficiency.  

Benefits of ISO 27001 for SaaS Companies

Being an internationally recognized information security management system (ISMS) standard, ISO 27001 has a lot of benefits on offer. Some of them are: 

1. Security from Data Breaches 

ISO 27001 certification helps a lot of organizations in their attempts to make themselves secure from prevailing data breaches. Implementing an ISMS enables a business to optimize its systems and internal processes. Also, it makes sure that their data is safe from any unauthorized access or theft. A data breach might lead to damage or loss of client, employee, and partner information. Therefore, it is important to safeguard all your systems that contain critical information with the help of a security net of such a certification.  

2. Builds Customer Trust 

Implementing all the norms of ISO 27001 and getting certified naturally makes your data security more fortified. This certainly aids the Cyber security verification and validation of your infrastructure. Eventually, all this creates a good image of your company in the market. Customers and other businesses tend to trust you with their critical data. This helps you get more clients and expand your business. As you are already done with making your processing safe, managing the information of your clients also becomes easier even if you need to handle a substantial number of data chunks. 

3. Helps With Compliance Regulations 

For ISO 27001 certification, make your company follow an extensive list of terms and regulations. These terms overlap with the requirements of a lot of other regulatory compliances. So, you already have a standard framework for managing information security risks. It helps your company to present its compliance with various regulatory requirements. Furthermore, ISO 27001 certification shows that the SaaS company is meeting international standards for information security. This makes it trustworthy enough that customers and partners can rely on them to keep their data secure.  

4. Improves Efficiency and Cost Savings 

If you have comprehensive data management and information security framework in place. This makes one less thing to worry about. You can divert this time, resources, and energy to the betterment of your core operations. This will improve the efficiency, productivity, and cost savings of your business. Also, SaaS companies that have implemented ISO 27001 regulations can closely monitor and track any potential breaches or risks to company data. Even if they get breached somehow, they have a proper manual to follow that has proactive measures to minimize the damage.  

5. Reduces Business Risk  

ISO 27001 certification allows SaaS companies to reduce a lot of business risks. Implementing an ISMS like this can help you demonstrate that you have robust security controls and processes in place to protect your data. Plus, it gives assurance to your customers and partners that their critical information is safe with your organization. Additionally, it helps in the process of compliance management and Cyber security verification.  

Before You Go! 

  • A data breach can be a huge setback for any business. Especially, SaaS companies that handle vast amounts of company and client data.  
  • A Cyber Security Consultant to help you with the process of ISO 27001 certification. You can get in touch with RSK for further information and Guidance. It is among the best Cyber Security Services Dubai.  


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