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Do You Need Devsecops Services?

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon July 11, 2022

In Brief:

About DevSecOps

The name itself is an acronym for the underlying concept and process. Development, Security, and Operation; intend to laminate the whole SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) with a security layer.


of development companies choose speed over cybersecurity


was the proportion of development projects using a secure SDLC till 2019


of rapid development teams started adopting DevSecOps solutions by 2021


is the estimated growth of DevSecOps market from 2022 to 2030

Do You Need a DevSecOps Service?

Indeed! You need to adopt DevSecOps Solutions for your business.

Wondering “why?”

let us explore it together…

DevOps is a methodology that provides customized software solutions to businesses. It aligns the processes of development and operation effectively. The only limitation of the DevOps pattern is its low immunity to modern cyber threats. It is susceptible to common vulnerabilities and risk factors related to attacks.

Integrating Security measures into the DevOps almost solved the problem. Although it does not eliminate any aspect of the DevOps facilities. Instead, it adds the security protocol over the SDLC.

Adopting the DevOps methodology for a new app or software development is certainly a good decision. However, we must count the factor of compliance monitoring and security tools here. After this calculation, DevOps lags in preventing the SDLC from cyber threats.

Hence, you need guided DevSecOps consulting and implementation for your business.

Factors Supporting the Need for DevSecOps

  • DevSecOps creates a better line of communication between the team working on SDLC. This reduces the chances of any internal miscommunications. Hence, prevents any kind of misconfigurations.
  • The development team can catch the security gaps and vulnerabilities in the very beginning. This helps in strengthening the security postures from day one. The end-user does not have to deal with bugs and security issues in your service. This saves the reputation and credibility of your company.
  • Automatically run procedures help teams to collaborate easily on the tasks. This improves the efficiency of the development cycle.
  • At first, it might appear to be an additional expenditure. But eventually, DevSecOps contributes to a better Return on Investment (ROI). Hence, improves overall cost-efficiency.
  • Development mistakes and administration failures are the two main reasons for vulnerabilities to cyber-attacks. DevSecOps methodology eliminates the scope for both these factors.
  • Helps the development cycle to uplift quality as well as speed.

How DevSecOps is Different from DevOps?

DevOps vs DevSecOp


Although it is obvious from the terms themselves. Still, let us go through the clarification. DevOps is the collaboration of the development and operations in the software life cycle. All the security concerns will be addressed later after the release.

On the other hand, DevSecOps integrates the security measures right through the life cycle of development. It covers everything from code safety to securing the database.

Key Components of DevSecOps

According to the top DevSecOps consulting experts, the following are its key components:

  • A detailed code analysis: Here we check the code in small chunks to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Managing the change: Users not only submit changes that improve the speed and efficiency. But it also makes sure that the impact of change is positive.
  • Monitoring Compliance: Keeping up with the compliance comes under this step. Data protection and payment security are the things you need to standardize.
  • Threat Investigation: Each business has some threats it is more susceptible to. You need to identify the threats your business is more likely to succumb to.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: Figuring out the weaknesses by going through every checkpoint. It is a key step to cover all the loopholes.
  • Training: A crucial step to adopting a new methodology anywhere. You must provide all the staff with proper training on DevSecOps.

Benefits of DevSecOps

  • Efficient Software Delivery: Security problems occurring in the SDLC might elongate the process. DevSecOps enables pre-scans and prompt elimination of security problems. This improves the efficiency of the development process. Also, it makes software delivery more cost-effective.
  • Proactive Security: There is no delay in the remediation of any security issue. The vulnerabilities are addressed right away as they are found.
  • Compatible with Modern Development: The automation security checks depend upon the software configurations. With DevSecOps in place, you do not need to worry about these dependencies. You can run both static analysis and dynamic analysis without any friction.
  • Repeatable and Adaptive Process: Automation, configuration, orchestration, and immutable infrastructure are all properly in place. This makes DevSecOps a repeatable and adaptive process for all kinds of businesses.

Before You Go!

  • Leading the way to a secure developing environment, DevSecOps consulting is necessary for every business.
  • To secure the software realm of your organization you must always go for trained and expert DevSecOps Solutions.


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