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Cyber Security verification Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 10 Tips

icon Posted by: Praveen Joshi
icon April 15, 2022

In Brief:

Why do we need Security Verification?

Cyber Security Verification is necessary to analyze the security functionalities of your IT and network infrastructure. It helps to determine the capability of your infrastructure to withstand the brute force of modern sophisticated cyber-attacks.


of organizations suffer outside breaches into their network


of the attacks involve hacking the network


of attacks are driven by financial motives


of network breaches are initiated by phishing

10 Tips to make Security Verification Easier

Cyber Security verification and validation help your business to follow the security standards. However, it is an amalgamation of several complex procedures. That is why security verification appears to be hard.

Although it could become convenient if you’d follow some tips and tricks:

1. Security Testing Strategy and Concept

You must finalize the testing strategy and concepts based on solid statistics. The numbers we must keep in mind while planning for the testing strategy are:

  • Operational statistics such as the number of security events and incidents.
  • Anomalies in the security system that require assessment
  • Security weaknesses that result in breaches and attacks

2. Keep Track of Performance Measures and Compliance Goals

Performance measures in terms of security are important to keep track of. Following are the primary factors to look upon:

  • Patch compliance rate
  • Rate of vulnerability remediation
  • Ratio of remediated vulnerabilities

Along with these performance measures, meeting the compliance goals also plays a key role. For instance, you need to track the number of requested and approved policy exceptions.

3. Monitor Cybersecurity Control Performance

Verification control is something that most leading cybersecurity frameworks include. It is recommended to give special attention to the processes of managing cybersecurity. The steps you need to take are:

  • Organize regular reviews for the security metrics
  • Frequent assessments for validating security configurations
  • Evaluation of the control operation regularly

4. Proper Guidelines for Recreating Successful Attacks

While recreating an attack on your system you need to make sure to develop an accurate environment. Try to apply the hacker mindset and approach as if you are launching an actual attack on someone’s system. This approach will tell you the precise status of your security control measures.

5. Conduct Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing

One of the most obvious and crucial steps in cyber security verification and validation. VAPT will identify the security patches and vulnerabilities the organizations miss at the time of configuration. The process of vulnerability scanning, and penetration testing does not only identify the security gaps. But also help to figure out the root cause of letting these vulnerabilities into the organization in the first place.

6. Conduct Internal Audits

The internal stakeholders in the organization also fall in the line of defense. Internal audits involve interviewing these key stakeholders to analyse the activities to satisfy cybersecurity control objectives. However, these audits primarily conduct the gap analysis of the security policy standards. But they also help to evaluate the personnel roles and responsibilities of employees associated with the security process.

7. Comprehensive Black, Grey, and White Box Testing

These three approaches to testing will give a well-rounded overview of the weaknesses present within your system. Black box testing is done without having access to information of the software. Hence, it tells us about the external attributes of the software. Whereas Grey involves basic information and White box testing involves all the information about the software functionalities. So, here we get all the structural and functional details of the operation.

8. Select Accurate and Adequate Tools

Proper selection of tools for testing the security functionalities of your infrastructure is necessary. Understanding the cyber threat landscape and the maturity of your current cyber security protocols is important before selecting the tools. Also, you need to benchmark the expectations out of the testing operations while selecting the tools for the test.

9.  Documentation of Your Cybersecurity Strategy

Yes, the first step is to finalize the strategy and planning for your cyber security verification. But after it is approved, you need to adopt thorough documentation for the entire process. The planning, the strategy, the test protocols, results, and steps to mitigate the risk, all must be there. It will help to understand the role of every person involved in the process. Also, it will work as a blueprint to follow for future procedures.

10.  Mitigation of the Defects

Last, but not least. The security verification and validation are not complete until the defects are mitigated. At least, the roadmap to tackle the vulnerabilities must be there in the final reports. Keeping in check with the advancements in the threat vectors, you need to modify the remediation steps. As already explained, documenting the mitigation of defects is also required for future references.

Few more ways to help Cyber Security Verification

  • Take an overview of findings and vulnerabilities
  • Making use of the results of Fuzz Testing
  • Implementation of compliance with safe coding metrics
  • A detailed design, defect, and architectural analysis
  • Code reviews and static code analysis
  • Running rest bus and database simulations
  • Encrypted on-board and off-board communications

Before You Go!

  • It is required for every organization to carry out a security verification process frequently. This will help to prevent you, your clients and even the third parties associated with potential cyber threats.
  • Choosing an expert to assist you with your organization’s cyber security verification will make the process easier for you. As their experience, knowledge, and expertise will take the load off your shoulders.


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