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Common Errors in Planning for Cyber Incidents

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon July 20, 2022

In Brief

Going further in the blog, we’ll see what the common errors in planning for cyber incidents are.

The role of cyber security consultation in incident planning

Incident response planning is an amalgamation of core cyber security measures. A cyber security consultation will assist you in outlining the key areas of your infrastructure. Moreover, it will ensure preparing a response plan to minimize downtime after an attack. DIY methods can induce a series of immature mistakes that cyber security consultation can eliminate effectively.

cyber security consultation


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Top 5 Mistakes We Commit While Planning for Cyber Incidents

Errors or mistakes you make while incident response panning might prove costly at the time of an attack. The following are some mistakes you need to avoid during incident response planning:

1. Not understanding the environment

To successfully implement an incident response plan, you need to get an overview of your own environment. It is helpful to get a detailed understanding of all on-premises and cloud resources. Also, consider the security tools and policies you already have in place. Not getting this right might negatively affect the foundation of a successful incident response plan. Getting hold of all this information on time supports a comprehensive investigation. Lapses in understanding the environment will interfere with the determination of the nature of incidents.

2. Investing inadequately in incident response

Not investing enough in incident response can result in higher costs after an incident. Especially, for organizations scrambling to find cyber security consultant companies. An incident response retainer can aid in cost-cutting while reducing the risk factors. Furthermore, it plays a major role in establishing a valuable long-term working relationship. Also, deploying a retainer will maintain a clear standard of service and allow you to act faster after an incident.

3. Not testing the back-ups

Back-ups are quite crucial while you are dealing with a cyber incident. During a breach, your data is something attackers look to corrupt. Backups come in handy in these times. Particularly at the time of a ransomware infection, having a backup can minimize the loss to a large extent. Earlier it used to be 3-2-1 method of keeping the backup. But now, industry standards recommend 3-2-1-1 so that data in the last place can not be altered or deleted by anyone.

Frequent testing of all your backups is recommended. Failing to do so can leave security gaps and eventually result in compromise.

4. Hiring the wrong consultants

Cyber incidents such as an attack or a breach are emergency and chaotic situations. There is a lot of pressure on the stakeholders to make quick calls. These uncertain factors might induce the wrong decision in selecting cyber security consultation services. The best way to avoid this mistake is to make a long-term partnership with one of the best cyber security consultant companies. Try to make sure that the partner you choose understands your organization’s needs and is certified.

5. Lack of disaster recovery plans

After an attack, restoring back the business operations safely should be the first step. Organizations fail to comply with the backup and restore procedures. However, this is mostly due to the lack of a dedicated team for the same. But you can counter it with the help of a good strategy and a  help from outside agencies as well. It is not mandatory to hire an in-house team for remediation. Various cyber security consultation services are there to assist your business to get back alive and kicking after an incident.

Implementing an Error-Free Incident Response Plan

An incident response plan must be like a clear blueprint to control the damage during an attack. Additionally, it should have the ability to do the repair work and clear up the mess after the attack. The incident response plan must take your business online with a minimum possible duration of downtime.

An ideal response plan for cyber incidents must have the following:

  • A precise and detailed definition of an incident according to your organization
  • Details of people to reach out to at the time of an incident
  • Allotment of forensics and analysis tasks to a specific team having the relevant expertise and experience
  • Planned procedures for rebooting and restoring the operations and services

Along with all these, your incident response plan must meet all the legal, regulatory, and compliance requirements. Failing to comply, might result in shortcomings in your incident response when needed.

Before You Go!

  • Mistakes are something that you must avoid in a vital procedure like planning for incident response.
  • In the above blog, you saw a few common mistakes people make while planning for cyber incidents.
  • With the help of cyber security consultation with an expert like RSK, you can avoid these mistakes. You can create a flawless incident response plan with us – that’s a guarantee.


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