Best Digital Transformation Consulting Services

icon Posted by: Hasan Sameer
icon May 6, 2022

In Brief:

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is a set of processes that upgrades the internal functioning of business organizations from web applications to cloud infrastructure. However, the process has less to do with the digital part and more to do with transformation. It aims toward experimenting with latest ideas and scaling success.


is the expected growth rate of digital transformation from 2019 to 2025


of all businesses are already following the digital-first strategy


of executives still think that their company is lacking the technology to implement digital transformation


is the success rate of digital transformation if there is a chief digital officer

Best Digital Transformation Consulting Services

We have already established that digital transformation is now necessary for every organization. It will promote efficiency and innovation in your business.

Following are the best digital transformation consulting services to choose from:

1. Business Process Services

The demands of the market are continuously changing. The transformed business process services will help your business to learn, adapt and act accordingly. These services help you to meet customer demands and supercharge performance.

Adding the digital capabilities enables reshaping the rules of engagement across the industries. Top brands can use this feature to prioritize ingenuity, speed, and execution. Agile and digitized workflows help your business implement modern operating models.

2. Sustainability Services

Businesses always need sustainability at the back of their minds. If you will work on creating a sustainable future, it will unlock benefits beyond your expectations. Emphasizing sustainable business operations can drastically improve your reputation for competitive advantage.

The combination of digital technologies and industry-specific domain expertise plays a key role in sustainability services. You can imply it for reducing your net emissions and improving your impact on the environment.

A few important processes involved with sustainability services are:

  • Sustainability strategy
  • Data and Analytics service
  • Products, Manufacturing, and Logistics sustainability
  • Sustainability among IT Operations

Sustainable Business Ecosystem

3. Infrastructure Services

The application of digital transformation to your business infrastructure is required to modernize it. Also, it helps your business model to get transformed into an always-on format. The use of agile digital services will help you to keep your business available 24*7.

Digitally transforming the infrastructure of your business can help you provide a seamless and personalized experience to your customers. It is necessary to consider this factor if you are involved directly with the end-user.

Following are a few services that help your infrastructure transformation:

  • Digital workflow and experience services
  • Digital workplaces
  • Hybrid clouds
  • Edge services
  • Enterprise management

4. Cloud Enablement Services

Among all the digital transformation consulting services, this is the one that is most widely used. Cloud enablement opens a lot of possibilities within the process management of your business. Especially, data handling and transition enjoy several benefits after cloud enablement.

The cloud-first approach is useful in meeting customer demand at a fast pace. Also, it improves the response time if you are involved in any service-based operation. Clouds have multi-faceted utility on offer for any business. All you need to do is adhere to the basic principles of its enablement.

Processes involved with cloud enablement are:

  • Cloud Acceleration
  • Cloud Consult
  • Cloud Migrate
  • Cloud Operate
  • Loud Security

5. Intelligent Process Automation

Automation is an integral part of digital transformation services. Intelligent process automation can scale up your business to breakthrough results. Modernizing your business operations with automation will unlock a series of long-term benefits.

The combination of human intelligence with automation and artificial intelligence has the potential to boost the business growth. Also, the integration of automatic processes makes operations more productive and efficient.

Services associated with Process Automation:

  • Automation Advisory Services
  • Cognizant Solutions
  • Automation Implementation Services
  • Automation Managed Services

6. Security Services

Considering the security front is an essential part of digital transformation. The expansion of IT infrastructure increases the attack surface area for cyber threats. Hence, it becomes important to transform the security portion of your business infrastructure.

Eliminating every blind spot in the network becomes a critical box to tick in the process of security transformation. The service will kick off outdated security solutions and help your business to comply with the increasing security demands.

Processes involved with security services:

  • Threat and vulnerability management
  • Identity and access management
  • Data security
  • Compliance Management
  • Cloud Security

Why do Digital Transformations Fail?

Most digital transformations only focus on transforming the process and infrastructure of the business. They ignore the people involved with these processes. When you do not invest in the people involved with the processes you are going to transform, it will all go in vain.

After all, the team is the one that is going to handle the operations even after the digital transformation. Hence, you need to address them at the time of implementation of digital transformation.

Following are a few factors that results in the failure of digital transformation:

  • Cost of services
  • Not getting the root of the business problem
  • Company Culture
  • Success Measures
  • Leadership Decisions

Before You Go!

  • Implementing digital transformation for healthcare, education, finance, and other essential services sector will create a significant impact. It has the potential to revolutionize the way these industries work.
  • Book a consultation with an expert now and move shift to a better way to operate your business with digital transformation.


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